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Thread: Threat Issues

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    Threat Issues

    im having threat issues in 25 ulduar im currently blood spec and i have decent gear from what others have told me but i still dont understand why im having threat problems
    here is my armoury
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    (just saw that im not in frost presence hopefully it will change soon)
    my rotation at the moment for single target is
    IT PS DS BS BS Rp dump DS BS BS BS BS Dump
    any help would be appreciated


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    You're notably below the soft expertise cap of 26, giving your targes 4% (total) to either dodge or parry your attacks. This adds up in lost threat, though it's not as glaring as a 'miss' when you use an ability.

    Secondly, I suggest moving the point in Necrosis to Subversion, to maximize the damage & threat of Heart Strike. That change puts you into the same threat/dps talents I use in my Blood set up, and the only issues I have are AoE related. Single target isn't a problem unless DPS completely open up and ignore threat on the pull.

    Finally, the usual question, do you have Rune Strike macro'ed adequately to your keybindings to ensure you're 'always' using it? Constantly triggering RS, along with keeping the needed 20 RP in your bar, is important to sustaining threat. A sample macro is:

    #showtooltip Heart Strike
    /cast Heart Strike
    /cast Rune Strike

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