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Thread: Leveling

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    Hey guys. Ive had an 80 dk since February and he has been my only toon to hit 80.
    So i was wondering how do you guys level multiple guys? I cant stand leveling. Is there something im missing that makes leveling fun or enjoyable to you guys? I see a bunch of the members of my guild all have lots of alts that they play. I would love to learn about all the other classes out there but i can not seem to find a joy in leveling. Is there something im doing wrong? Or is leveling something that only a few enjoy?

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    I think levelling is fun, so far I have 6 characters above level 60, and I enjoy any one of them. The fun part for me, is to see how classes deals with problems. I always have more fun while soloing than when I'm in an instance. But a key element for having fun while levelling is doing it with a friend or more friends. Supplying each others needs when questing is always rewarding.
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    I have 5 level 80's now. :P

    What Strit said. Also, I find a lot of the times when I level an alt, other people's alts start coming out of the woodwork (hey he's leveling an alt, I could level with him!)

    The two heirloom armor pieces (shoulders + chest) for a 20% experience bonus makes leveling incredibly less grindy. To keep from using up rested state, I learn flying as soon as I am ready for outlands, and get the tome to learn northrend flying as soon as I'm ready to head there, too. It lets you skip intervening mobs and just go after the objective (and maybe a few mobs here and there near the objective). It lets me save the rested for those "kill 60 of these" quests, so I get as much efficiency out of them as possible.

    Also, I level them when I want to play but have nothing better to do.

    You can also use a mod, like carbonite or questhelper, which makes quest completion about ten times easier and faster.

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    I enjoy leveling new characters. Much of the enjoyment is in the change of pace. DPSing on my Hunter is quite different from DPSing on my Mage. Tanking on my Warrior is quite different from tanking on my Paladin.

    Also, several of my characters are at the point where further gear upgrades will come only from raiding and the Triumphs from the daily heroics. Having multiple characters means that I can go run some random heroic to help a friend and have a chance to get something out of it other than "Oh boy, more Conquests. Shall I convert them to gems or orbs?".

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