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Thread: Gearing Priorities?

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    Gearing Priorities?


    Alright, I'm running into issues/concerns. I've had multiple people tell me my gearing is odd, and I've had ideas for how to fix this.

    Here are my stats for my general tank gear, bear form, 25 man buffed:
    40k health
    7k AP
    44% crit
    40% dodge
    just under 30k armor IIRC
    hit capped
    49 expertise [almost hard capped]
    The World of Warcraft Armory is my armory

    So - the problem I'm running into is basically this: I don't think I have a problem. Other people have indicated they think I should have a lot more health for the level of content we are doing [13/14, 5/5, starting on non-FL hardmodes soon]; My response is essentially that until I get better gear they can choose threat vs. room for the healers to screw up. I can survive Heroic NRB(25)-Gormok phase with good healers. To date, we've only had one attempt with Gormok dying.

    I have a lot of shared gear between my DPS and tanking sets; tanking is my primary focus, but I do DPS on enough fights that to date it has made sense to me to use agi gems instead of stam. Of course, at this point my DPS isn't incredible, and I'm considering setting up a completely different set of gear for it.

    I've had threat issues in the past - there's a warrior, a few hunters and a warlock or two that will get threat capped sometimes.

    As a result of the threat issues - which have mostly gone away - I created a gear set for standard tanking jobs that concentrates on threat, using Rawr to optimize with the following settings:
    Threat Max. attainable (86k rating is what it tells me)
    Mitigation 100k
    Survival 100k

    The setup that it spit out is the one shown in Armory.

    Here are my questions:
    -Am I putting too much emphasis on threat in my gear?
    -Am I [and Rawr] putting too much emphasis on Expertise? I like to have the threat be relatively constant; early on I had some situations where I was parried 2-3 times in a row and quickly lost aggro, so maybe I've just taken my worry about this to psychotic levels.
    -When building my sets, Should I be using Max. Survival and 80k threat rating, Max. Mitigation and 80k threat, or the setup I have? Using Max Survival/80k threat I can get about 50% more survival rating for about a 8% threat loss, but it seems to me that if the DPS gets capped it's going to make things worse on the way to hardmodes, not better.

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    I would say that you are probably putting too much emphasis on Expertise and threat. 40k hp while 25 raid buffed is very low for a bear tank and since stamina is pretty much king nowadays, that should truly be your biggest priority.

    Honestly, when using Rawr to evaluate gear, I turn off the threat part. Just set it to none. Unless something is terribly wrong, you shouldn't be losing aggro to anything but overzealous DPS critting hard before you've even really engaged.

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    If you hate stam stacking as I do, think of it this way: it is not your survivability, it is providing tools for your healer to do their job, and you want to make their life as easy as possible. Tanks sometimes forget they are useless without a healer, and your tanking ability is directly in their control. Do not rob them of tools to do their job, namely a good health pool to work with.

    You have made a very conscious choice to be a hybrid druid rather than pure bear, something I myself have done. As such, you will bring a lot of utility in terms of holding threat and going cat to down bosses faster. However, I think there is some room for changes.

    At minimum, Mirror of Truth doesn't help you much on tanking, that would be first candidate to go in favour of a stamina trinket. Having a stam trinket instead of Crit will hurt DPS only if you are spending most of the fight as cat, but it will be huge in terms of EH increase just because of the ridiculous HP scaling involved.

    To go further than that involves tougher choices. Next I would pick the alchemy trinket to target, again for a stamina trinket. I you find yourself drinking pots frequently, then keept it, otherwise you are better off giving your healers the cushion they seem to want. Generally speaking, I rarely have to eat a cookie or chug a pot as my healer do their jobs, and the small percentage of times all my healers are down does not justify taking away their cushion.

    That's my limit on changes if I had your toon. The next step would be swapping agi/hit for agi/stam on red sockets, but that means being under hit cap, which leads to missed taunts, and so on, you need to make choice as to how much hit you are willing to sacrifice. As for expertise, not much you can do, you haven't gemmed/enchanted for it. I can't see your talents for some reason, but if you have primal precision, you could re-allocate 1-2 points elsewhere (you shouldn't be missing on finishing moves if hit-capped and behind the boss as a cat). I wouldn't worry about parries if you are beyond soft cap, just learn to live with it. You have tools for that (taunt back, other DPS moves like mangle, etc.).

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