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Thread: Anyone else find themselves Parry-capped, but can't HIT the side of a barn?

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    Anyone else find themselves Parry-capped, but can't HIT the side of a barn?

    I'm now at 14% Parry/Dodge reduction from Expertise (w/ no Expertise gems). But my Hit is only at 1.4%. There's pretty much no Hit gear in ToC, whereas in Ulduar, everything had Hit on it. *scratches head*

    My thinking is... after the Dodge-cap, Expertise is still better than Hit point for point because of the reduction in boss Parry haste. And as far as threat, they are equal.

    But every time I taunt, I have to be ready to quickly hit Mocking Blow, because my taunts get resisted ALL the time. It's annoying.

    Anyway, I do carry a Hit-capped set (Ulduar Hit pieces) for when I am on interrupt duty or whatever, but for most bosses, I refuse to sacrifice EH to go back to old Ulduar gear with Hit on it.

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    The only encounter I switch my gear for hit pieces is for LJ on 10s when I'm on interrupt duty by myself.

    Other than that, I could care less about my hit in this raiding tier since threat is not a problem and I have never gotten a taunt resisted yet (lets hope I don't jinx myself here :P ).

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    I personally carry around stacks of glyphs, and for northrend beasts when I have to taunt I'll typically just glyph for it and call it good. Unless I forget to glyph for it then everyone gets all antsy when my taunt misses twice in a row and the tank before me gets 2 stacks instead of 3, lol.
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    or instead of picking up every single upgrade thinkin its good for you, you can actually research out the items that drop, there are items in ToC/voa/vendor that do drop hit, you just have to find them

    Wrynn's Legguards of Triumph - 53 hit (T9.5 legs)
    Sabatons of the Lingering Vortex - 47 hit (heroic 10man ToC)
    Saronite Swordbreakers - 38 hit (Crafted)
    Blades of the Sable Cross - 22 hit (Vendor)
    50 hit from gems
    25 hit/crit enchant to weapon
    40 hit (food buff)
    = 275 hit.

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    it also helps to pick up the taunt glyph for taunt sensitive fights, and having a shadow priest for the 1% spell hit.

    I think Blizz had a direction they wanted to go with when they came out with TotC gear and it was to balance new gear with old gear to get nice balance of threat/survival. This does however mean you have to sacrifice some nice ilvl upgrades just to keep hit gear.

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