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Thread: Looking for advice for improving threat

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    Looking for advice for improving threat

    For my GM. He's a Blood tank, armory here: The World of Warcraft Armory

    He's our MT, and, naturally, we need him to put out rather high tps, something which I don't believe is happening at present.

    So just a few questions: On my own DK, I've found Necrosis in a Blood spec is very handy for single target threat (surprise surprise). Is it worth dropping the points here and there in Blood?

    I'm not entirely sure why he has Glyph of Bone Shield, but maybe that's an armory bug.

    Another thing, I'd noticed he's RP capped basically the entire fight, every fight - upon examining the logs after raids, I see he never Death Coils on any boss fight. I asked him about this, and he says he needs the RP on demand in case he needs to pop IBF/AMS etc, and that it's 'not worth it, since it's bad threat'.

    I understand that it's not exceptional threat, but surely it's better than doing nothing for the GCD you have here and there when all runes are on CD and you're sitting around doing nothing? I'd thought that the most RP you'd ever want to keep on demand is 50, to maximize Glyph of Death Strike? Maybe Death Coil isn't worth worrying about - if so, would be good to know.

    As you can see in his armory profile, he's gemmed a couple of +str/hit gems - is this normal?

    Finally, since he's way over the defense cap, he's on 570 - would it be better to switch to a rune of swordshattering? Or does the Stam make up for the 'overkill' of defense?

    Thanks in advance, and my apologies if most of the questions are rather self-explanatory.

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    1. Don't have the maths, but he'd need more than 570 defense to switch to the parry rune
    2. 3/3 in scent of blood seems to be a waste if you aren't dumping RP
    3. I'd say put those three points in sudden doom and then change the 3 from virulence to morbidity and start DCing when RP is about to cap. He'll probably notice an increase in DPS/TPS
    4. BS glyph might just be a hold over from a spec switch? Put Glyph of Disease in there
    5. I don't have any tank builds without Improved IT, the attack speed debuf is just too important (can't always rely on thunderclap being where your "worm" is).
    It doesn't take much to get AMS up, HoW and you usually have it.

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