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Thread: No More Block Rating..?

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    So much rage. So much block hating.
    So many double standards.

    Guys, you can't right-out say that blocking is bad. While the biggest contender against Block does justify ignoring it, many other boss fights will never have the case that you'll be unable to block. Most actually. For many, many fights you can and should rely on block value if it's in the gear.
    Don't come and scream "blocking is useless!", it's not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zothor View Post
    I was going to ignore this post, but there's too much misinformation in this thread already.

    This is mathematically inaccurate. What I assume you're referring to is that any decently geared Naxx tank will be block capped with holy shield or shieldblock up. To actually block cap passively (something many of us are collecting gear for at the moment) requires over half a dozen pieces of WotLK block gear, and stacking avoidance/block rating to get there. In addition, the original post was about block RATING, and a ridiculous amount of this monologue was spent on block VALUE.
    Wow, I was ready to spill some bile myself until I saw Zothor's post, thanks for sparing me the effort, and kudos for clearing things up correctly. Bumpage for total support, Xenophase and others really need to spend more time understanding things, starting with Zothor's post. I have highlighted what I found to be the worst offender, but Zothor's post has a LOT of good clarifications.

    My TL;DR contribution:
    Warriors (generally) have a higher BLOCK VALUE, but low BLOCK RATING. This means they don't block as often, but when they do they are more effective than paladins.
    Paladins (generally) have a higher BLOCK RATING, but lower BLOCK VALUE. This means they block more hits than a warrior, but each hit blocked isn't as effective as a warrior's block.

    In theory, the overall net effect is about the same until you start getting into some very specifc situations.

    All Block (either rating or value, although the OP was referring to rating) has been dropped from T9, presumably until Blizzard has finished its quiet contemplation and implemented its promised fix to the block system as a whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insahnity View Post
    All Block (either rating or value, although the OP was referring to rating) has been dropped from T9
    Not sure about Warriors, but I know the Paladin T9 legs have a nice chunk of Block Value, as do the Pauldrons of the Silver Defender from 10-man Faction Champions. There's also the Crystal Plated Vanguard shield from 25-man Northrend Beasts and probably some other stuff I've forgotten.

    Rating is definitely missing from T9 content, that much is certainly true, but Value is there if you're looking for it. As a Paladin, I'm frankly over the moon that I can finally have BV without BR because for ages they came joined at the hip.

    EDIT: Agree with your post otherwise, Zothor did do a great job of clarifying and you're absolutely spot on, I just wanted to point out the few items with BV on for those that might be looking for it

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    well, the whole point of rating is that we don't really need any more than we already do in T7-8 to be block capped, so it's actually a good thing there isn't much of it in the T9 gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insahnity View Post
    All Block (either rating or value, although the OP was referring to rating) has been dropped from T9.
    Have you even looked at T9? Helm and Legs for Warriors and Paladins both have Block Value

    In other news, +1 for Zothor's post
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuffmuffin View Post
    in other news, +1 for zothor's post
    ^ this

    Also: Block rating, unless you're making an unhittable set, is realtiviely insiginficant in the grand scheme of things, mainly because most MTs should be gearing for EHP atm because that's just how things are designed, as sad as it is. There has to be some way to survive things without worrying about an RNG dodge/block/parry/miss. If you get an unlucky streak, you're dead. If you can pick up block rating, GREAT! If you have to sacrifice a bunch of EHP for it, don't. At least as far as MTing most things goes this is true, add tanking may be a different story.
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    Phew. I'm glad people didn't find it too nerdragey.... I was a little embarrassed that steam might be blowing out my ears sitting at my desk at work.

    He caught me on a bad morning. I was up till 3 AM wiping on Heroic 10 man Anub last night beacuse I'ms till 4.5% hittable, and learning the timing of the pickups, and interrupting a 2 second shadow strike (4 adds... bastards) with a spell taht's on a 1.5 second GCD... we wiped 10+ times below 5%, including 2 times below 1% at 50k and 80k.... both times I thought it was best to shieldwall and see if my DPS stayed alive to finish.... both times I shoulda/woulda/coulda actually bubbled... sigh. I promptly tossed and turned for over an hour in bed as the adrenaline wore me out literally with demons of spiders and blocking noises and hittability numbers and avoidance and OMG WHAT IF I USED THE DODGE LIBRAM INSTEAD OF THE 450 BV freaking out in my mind.

    block rating cost me a lot of sleep the last week.

    I apologize again for the hatred. I'm glad people found it useful though.

    As an addendum: Synapse, I don't think most people said anything as ridiculously over the top as "blocking is bad" or "block is useless." Obviously it's not bad or useless - a blocked swing IS less damage in than an unblocked swing, AND is extra threat via holy shield or damage shield. So obviously blocking is good.

    What I think you're over-interpreting is our point that, as a gear stat, blocking stats are worse, and worse doesn't necessarily mean "bad", it just means "not as good", than an equivalently itemized amount of dodge, armor, stamina, even parry, or even threat stats. Obviously all things have to be determined in an item level controlled situation. As an example, I have an astounding love affair with bonus armor because of how good it is for pushing your EH. Consequently I prayed for my Saronite Plated Leggings(guards? I can't be bothered to look up the name. I call them my saronite sexpants) to drop off Kolo for literally 3 1/2 months before I threatened to murder our other tank if he rolled on them.

    I banked them six weeks later, because in our first kill the Legguards of Feverish Dedication dropped. As much as I love armor, that extra bonus armor was a worse value than the dodge/parry/defense/stam/expertise I gained simply because of the 245 ilvl. BUT if I could get 245 ilvl defense/dodge/armor pants... I'd be wearing them in a second. I vend my Fevers so fast you wouldn't know what hit you.

    You can't compare higher level gear to lower level gear when the stat totals just outweigh it; nobody is suggesting you do that. if 245 level BR/BV gear existed, just on the basis of stam and armor alone it would probably be worth wearing over the Saronites, at least if it had the 2 sockets every other set of pants in this tier does... ilvl is usually a dominant strategy when it comes to tanking armor that's not astoundingly strangely itemized (case in point, the Boreal Guard, which despite being 232 remains the only accessible shield with 2 sockets pre-heroics).

    Don't think that because we'd prefer dodge, we're going to TURN DOWN block if it's there. The 9.25 pants dropped for me in VOA the other day. I may even wear them for threat sensitive fights over my Fevers because of the block.... but I don't think i'd put them in my general main tanking set.

    Is that a little clearer?

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