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Thread: DK Fr Tank gear/Spec advice needed.

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    DK Fr Tank gear/Spec advice needed.

    Being a DK, it doesn't do me any good to QQ about the nerfs in 3.2. I am wondering if somehow my Frost Spec might need some tweaking in order to improve my tanking.

    Armory Link

    I don't have all of my glyphs filled, so any recommendation on my open spot would be greatly appreciated.

    As for my gear, It is a mish-mash of randomly acquired items, and I would LOVE advice on my gems/enchants to improve my stats. I'm one of two DKs in my guild, and the other one doesn't tank, so I'm left to fend for myself when it comes to these things.

    Thanks to all who can help.

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    Hello there. First thing i noticed - don't spec into Icy Talons. Put those points into morbidity in the unholy tree for the reduced D&D cooldown.

    Your gear looks on par for Ulduar 10 in terms of avoidance, but it does seem like you could use some more stam.

    I would recommend ditching your two trinkets and get the Essence Of Gossamer from heroic Azjol-Nerub and The Black Heart from Trial of The Champion.

    This, as i can see, would require you to lose alot of defense. If you happen to have a few emblems to spare, get the Valor ring. it gives alot of defense.

    Take the hit gem out of your helm, don't worry about hit, I tank with shitty hit rating. You mostly need to worry about expertise because we get parry-hasted a shitload more often with the FS nerfs. All your purple gem slots id say throw expertise/stam gem in them.

    Change Death&Decay glyph to glyph of Icebound Fortitude and you should be good.

    Oh yeah, ENCHANT! You're missing out on alot of health from enchants. Get a heavy borean armor kit for your gloves, assuming you're capable of holding threat, and 40 stam in bracers.

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    Standard (from what I've seen) Frost Glyphs:
    Rune Strike
    Frost Strike
    Icy Touch
    Unbreakable Armor
    Howling Blast

    I consider the top three my personal favorite, tailor glyphs to your role (MT, OT, third tank, aoe tank, whatever).

    Do not get glyph of IBF, I believe it does nothing once you're defense capped..

    Get rid of Icy Talons, try Merciless Combat, Scent of Blood. Morbidity is generally not taken in frost builds unless you use DnD in your rotation (most Frost tanks live with just HB).

    These comments are based on what I've seen perusing top Frost Tanks on the armory, but as always, use what you like best. There's not substitute for good old trial and error when you're learning.

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    how's this for a new spec?

    Here's the link to the armory for a spec i'm thinking about.
    WoW Armory

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    Your second build is a bit closer to a stanard Frost build. However, might I suggest:

    Remove points form:

    Acclimation - it's a 30% chance to maybe get some benefit in some fights;
    Icy Reach - you don't need it, you're a tank you get up close and personal with the mobs;
    Chillbanes - that's a pvp talent, pluse bosses are immune to it and don't run from you anyway;
    Chill of the Grave or Scent of Blood - you don't need both(personally I use Chill of the Grave);

    Now the fun part:

    Put points into:

    Bladed Armor - max it, it's threat;
    Icy Touch - you need it, it's an extra 15% damage to your Frost Fever which should be up all the time;
    Killing Machine - max it;

    Now here's where some of us differ: because I use Chill of the Grave, I have a point left over so I put it into Death Chill, I like the ability to crit multi mobs with HB on demand; others prefer the 3 points to go into Scent of Blood (1 point Death Chill and 2 points Chill of the Grave), your choice.

    Some also don't like Morbidity, I like it because I rely on DnD a great deal (I also Glyph for DnD), but that's my preference and goes back to the early DK tanking days when we were accused of not being able to hold aggro. I just got into the habit of pulling everything into DnD.

    I'd also suggest farming reg ToC for the Black Heart over the Defender's Code. I have Defender's Code, and dont' use it, the extra armor isn't that great. Also, you may want to do the Brewfest boss to get the Barmaid trinket, 126 stam is sweet. I use that most of the time over my Rune of Repulsion.

    You're gear looks good - I had those legs, the lack of defesne is disappointing, but they are nice.

    You may want to chose different professions - Herbalism and Inscription are not the best of tanks; Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Jewel Crafting and Engineering all have better benefits.

    Anyway, hope this was helpful and if you ever run across a low level Orc Shammy on Shandris name SugarMag, that would be me on an alt.

    Ignore the Brewfest Stein - I use Storm Edge.

    The World of Warcraft Armory
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