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Thread: Using up Emblem's of heriosm?

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    Using up Emblem's of heriosm?

    I stopped playing this guy before 3.2 came out and only recently started playing him again a fair bit a week or so ago. I have 28 emblems of Heroism and was wondering if you guys think I should trade in some of the newer emblem's to get something from the old list? Trinket? Shield? Belt? Neck?

    Currently all I am running is 5 man stuff. I am yet to step into a 10 man on a regular basis. I try to run either normal ToC or Heroic ToC at least once a day as it seems the easiest way to get gear, unfortunately not emblem's.


    My DPS gear is seriously lacking as well. It is comprised of quest stuff only except for a 100 greed roll on Marrowstrike. I haven't put too much effort into my dps gear as I only just got dual spec a few days back and play Prot 99% of the time as I am still learning arms rotation.
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    spend your heroism embelms on uncut jewels and save your conquest embelms for better gear. you logged in your tank set so i can't help you with info on dps right now.

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