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Thread: What is the ideal TPS for warrior tanks in raid?

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    What is the ideal TPS for warrior tanks in raid?

    Hi, i just got back to WOW about a month ago. I would like to know the ideal TPS a warrior can generate in a raid atm (TOC & Ulduar)

    Mu TPS at the moment is uaually ard 4kish - 5kish. At times it shoots up to 6-8kish. I would really wanna know if i can improve on it so help is really appreciated. Thanks (=

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    The ideal TPS is that high, that no DPS has to stop dealing damage.

    Since this is the HALP forum I suggest you want to know how to increase your TPS. Your expertise is only 17, the soft cap of 26 expertise should be the first point to look at if you want to improve your threat.

    Hit-cap and expertise-hardcap are stats that would maximize your possibly threat generation, everything else depends on the right execution of your abilities. If you play the right way then, you should never get into threat trouble. Remeber that threat is also very encounter based, a boss that cast a lot, like Jaraxxus will leave you with less rage and maybe less Revenge proccs which will lessen your threat. On the other hand a boss like Patchwerk or the Twins with infinite rage can let your threat go through the ceiling. Also Vigilance affects your TPS and should be on the player with the 2nd highest threat.

    My advice would be trying to maintain a constant TPS of 6k to 8k which ist pretty good and no DPS should have problems with that. But remember more is always possible

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    as long as ur tps is higher then what ur dps can pump out .. ur all good ... if any of your dps said they had to stop for threat ... ur not doing your job ... its not all about the tps ... look at the actual amount of threat you are up by .. some times its alot and you can cruise and relax a little and work on survival and trinket rotations and such

    you can hit over 10k threat on a warrior if you really go for it and get some good crit strings ... but its not necessary

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    Thanks guys (=

    The rotations or rather priority skills that i spam are

    1)Shield Slam
    2)Revenge (If it procs)
    4)Concussion Blow

    I also Thunder clap whenever i can along with Demo shout. Heroic Strike is constantly spammed when i start having no probs with Rage or once above 50 rage. Devastate is constantly spammed along while waiting for the CDs.

    Perhaps i should twink my rotations. Just that unless i hit really high crits, my TPS will always be ard the 5kish region. Am really trying to go past that atm. Will work towards increasing my Hit and expertise rating for now.

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    Remember to always use vigilance.

    Either use it on your biggest threatdealer to boost your own threat and lower his/her threat or on a big threatdealer without threatlowering abilities (like a warrior).

    Vigilance is a non-trivial contribution to your threat.

    (In certain fights you could use it on the other tank to keep your taunt refreshed)

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