As a long time tank, I have been gathering DPS gear slowly but surely.
I seem to be doing ok for myself, but I am not entirely sure what I should be focussing on next in terms of gearing.
Here is me today.
I have to balance my DPS gear with tanking gear so I have been working my way through the heroics to get my tanking bits and bobs.
I already have both tier pieces for tanking from the heroic badges, so next on the list is probably a replacement hat for the Spiked Titansteel one.

Other than that and it's complimentary chest, what do you folks feel I should bee looking for. I have access to the 1st half or Ulduar fairly regularly and also Trial of Coliseum (working on the Faction Champions) - both in 10 and 25man variants.

I am happy that my rotation is ok, I could get better, I just need to practise. I manage about 3.2k in most raids when I dps (as long as there isn't too much running around ). Up until today, my expertise was a bit low but I just got the Crimson Star which should help with that.