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Thread: 70 DK duel spec tank/dps(lvling)

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    70 DK duel spec tank/dps(lvling)

    Hi there

    I was told that after the nerfing n updating lately frost isn;t the tanking spec..

    is that true?

    i would be glad if someone could help me with a tanking spec for lvl 70 n don worry about the lvling spec i already am on a good one as blood.. unless u have a better idea..


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    in dks there is no ultimate tanking spec. Every build can be a tanking spec, it depends on how you put your talents, every tree has great tanking habilities and you can mix em to get very diferent builds, for example:

    *15% less damage if taken down or at 35% health
    *spell parry
    *3% stamina

    *2% extra dmg reduction
    *unbreakable armor 25% more armor cd(awesome)
    *6 extra seconds on ibf
    *3% extra chance to b missed

    *20% less damage in 3 hits every 50 secs(bone armor)
    *Imp AMS

    Every tree is a tanking tree depending on how you spend your talents and even like that, you can get creative

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    Frost got buffed in the latest patch, and all 3 are fine for tanking while leveling anyway.

    Lvl 70 Blood tank spec
    Lvl 70 Frost tank spec

    You can also level pretty well w/ a Blood tank spec. Can still kill single mobs pretty quick, and can solo any group quests in the game near your level.

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    Personally, I find Frost to be the tank spec of champions.
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Good stuff with a single disease rotation for extra smooth play and unbeatable aggro. I've tried Blood tanking, and found it more troublesome than it's worth for the EH, and with the nerf to HS, I don't think I'll try again.. Never tried Unholy, but I think I just might get around to it one of these days. Anyway, if your comfort zone is frost, don't let someone else's opinion change your playstyle. It's your toon. Frost DKs got a pretty decent buff in the last patch specifically because "Blood is the spec of champs" and ol' Ghostcrawler had to scramble to make frost "viable" again. I spec'd frost pre-3.1, and I'll stay that way until the dev team breaks it. lol GOODNESS I'm on some nerd rage today.
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    I agree, I absolutely love tanking in Frost w/ single disease rotation. On big pulls I out-dps the dps, and glyphed HB just makes all the mechanics of it a joy. It's by far the most fun tank spec imho.

    However, I'd recommend venturing outside your comfort zone and learn tanking w/ the other two main trees as well, especially Blood since it works differently than any other tank in the game. That's one major advantage DK tanks have over the others - all 3 trees can tank, allowing us more room for improvising, adapting to, and overcoming Bliz's periodic nerfs and changes. Better to learn all three trees sooner rather than later.

    When 3.2 hit I made a 2nd Blood spec for MT duty on hard-hitting encounters, and find it well worth it. Blood's effective health, self-healing, and Vampiric Blood + 3/3 Improved Rune Tap oh-shit button is worth learning and mastering. Very different from all other tank mechanics.

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    I personally leveled as a blood tanking hybrid spec, simply because you cannot beat their survivability. I dont think there was a single fight I ever ended without 100% health so my uptime was great !
    I even once accidently chain pulled 15 Mobs to end the fight near 100% health, although it did get a little hairy.
    5 man group quests ?? No problemo, solo them as Blood

    There's nothing flashy and glorious about it but Blood just keeps trucking.

    Im sitting at Ulduar level DPS gear and similar tanking gear and I still do my combat dailies in my tank spec simply coz I have so little downtime.

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    i guess all of u r tanking in 2h weapon?
    or DW?

    n as tank i need gear with Stam n Defence yea?
    (any suggested Glyphs?)

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    Personally, I find Frost to be the tank spec of champions.
    Well said , I've tanked nearly all 10man content as frost, so dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Gear wise, yes you should work on stamina & obviously get Def capped as soon as you can. Remember that Deathknights gain parry rating from strength too so dont rule out that out either.

    Cant speak for dual wielding I tryed it very early pre-current patch and didnt like it, I prefer 2 handers anyday.

    Glyphs are as you would expect IBF, Unbreakable armour, maybe anti magic shell.

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