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Thread: Complete Newbie to PvP seeks advice

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    Complete Newbie to PvP seeks advice

    Okay I've done very little PvP in WoW but I decided the other day that I'm after a fresh challenge so I'm changing my (pretty much redundant) Retribution offspec to a PvP Holy build. Thing is, I have no idea where to even start!

    Well, I have some idea - I'm going to save the last few Conquest badges I need to get the full Deadly set since I have no further use for them anyway. I'm also going to do some Battlegrounds and get some Honor to buy some of the other newbie stuff that needs no Arena Points to buy.

    However, that's about all I got. I know Deep Prot healer builds got hit with the nerf stick due to the change to TbtL but I also hear it's pretty fun and easy to play and that the nerf hasn't affected it to the point of it being entirely redundant. However I've also heard that Deep Holy is the way to go, at least down far enough for Holy Shock. Any advice on spec? I'm more familiar with the Prot tree and an offensive healer role does appeal, but I'm undecided.

    Also I know that Resilliance now reduces all damage rather than just reducing crit chance so is it now recommended that I deck myself out in full Resilliance gems / enchants or do I need a healthy dose of Spellpower or Int alongside it?

    Finally, where else can I get gear aside from Conquest Badges and grinding BGs? I have around 900 Stone Keeper's Shards but it seems to be mainly gem patterns and head/shoulder enchants. I also have 100 or so Champion's Seals.

    I hope someone can help - don't worry about sounding patronising, I feel like a complete and total noob so give me everything, no matter how small or obvious it may sound, it's all greatly appreciated! Ideally I want to get into healing an Arena team but any advice on perparing myself (gear/gems/enchants) will go a long way.

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't have a healer, so I really can only offer so much advice, but I would suggest that you gem for things like spell power over resilience, since you should get resilience from your gear. That being said, however, I'd try to get as much resilience as I could if I were you, and a PvP trinket (unless you're human). As a healer, you'll be drawing probably 75 - 100% of the enemy fire (in Arena, anyway... maybe not in a BG where people just attack the closest enemy), and anything to mitigate that damage to make you nigh unkillable will go a long way towards helping your team.

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    I started Holy PvP this season as well so I'm in a similar boat.

    Basically what I do is beacon and focus my partner to watch beacon, have them hunt the other healer while I sacred shield myself and flash of light as needed to keep us both up.Do the whole cleanse/HoF/HoP stuff. Beacon of light is AMAZING in 2s. Your partner can be across the map, around a pillar unloading on someone and still get healed for the time beacon is up. Holy shock is also useful if you, like me, fail at dummy casting to draw out interrupts. Combined with Divine Favor before and followed by a flash of light, this is a very useful burst of healing.

    I like the Prot side up to Imp. Divine Sacrifice for the survivability inprovements and the DR cooldowns for my partner. Additionally, the reduced cooldown on Hammer of Justice can help you burn trinkets and help your partner make a kill. My holy spec looks like: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Use those stone keepers shards for honor unless there is any loot there that you can use with them. The Wintergrasp mark loot on the last page is also furious level if I recall correctly so that can be a good way to pick up legs, a ring and something else I forget at the moment. I use the Wintergrasp PvP enchants and then standard healing enchants on the rest of my gear. Something I've been considering is Tuskar's Vitality on my boots and then use Judgment of Justice to make kiting easier. As for gemming, I fill yellow slots with int and then spellpower or mp5 (EDIT: Stamina) hybrids for other slots. The meta I would go whatever causes the most issues for you when you play.

    Now in a matter of time a real Holy Paladin will come and explain how I'm wrong and this won't help above 1200.

    edit: Beacon does care about LoS, my bad
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