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Thread: Help this little bear

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    Help this little bear

    Hello there,

    I've been leveling as feral bear. Still play this and love this..
    Only got a question since everyone who I ask is saying different things:

    What is good about my gear, and what can be improved?

    There are people saying I should get more dodge, others say hitrating needs to be capped, others say just stack Stam...

    Here is the link to my wowarmory:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Kind regards,


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    Start with logging out in tank gear. I will try and give my two cents tomorrow if they are worth anything, assuming you are in correct gear.

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    Your gear looks pretty good to me, though you might want to swap out some of the PvP gear for PvE when you get a chance. First, I'll go over what I look for in bear gear, which actually depends on the slot.

    1) Weapon - This slot is the only one that I think you should gear for threat in. Try and snag one of the 3 good feral 245 weapons (Ony, Twins, Anub).

    2) 'Leather' slots - Tier pieces tend to be good here. I judge a piece by the following: Stamina > Agility > Hit/Expertise > everything else. More often than not choosing a piece comes down to whether the item has hit or expertise on it.

    3) Rings/neck/etc - I enjoy stacking armor in addition to stamina, as such I tend to grab any piece that has both. You're probably going to get some mix of Defense/Dodge/Strength as well, which is okay.

    Really, the only piece of yours that I see needs immediate replacing is the Origin. Bonus armor is great, but not at the expense of that much threat. Hope this advice helps!

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    Hit and expertise are low.

    Health seems fine to me.

    Dodge is really low on armory, but in bear it should be about right [35-40% seems good].

    I do have to disagree with Draks; as long as your threat is above the DPS, your threat is fine. If it isn't, it doesn't matter WHICH slots you swap out, as long as your threat is better than the DPS - threat capping them makes them unhappy, and letting them pull makes them even more unhappy. Right now, Bears are at a distinct disadvantage on threat imo - or maybe it's just me.

    I use 3 different sets [with some pieces shared] depending on the fight:

    -Mitigation/EH set aka 46% dodge, 50k health, low threat
    Yogg, Mimiron MT

    -Standard Tanking aka 40% dodge, 40k buffed health, max threat
    Pretty much everyone else except:

    -Light tanking aka DPS gear
    Auriaya, Ignis OT,

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