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Thread: What the hell is wrong with my frost dk?

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    What the hell is wrong with my frost dk?

    Ok. I seem to have serious issues when it comes to holding aggro. I'm not sure if it's my rotation, my spec, etc.. This is my toons spec and my rotation is in the image below. I'm always throwing down D&D of course before any pull as well as infecting with frost fever.. I'm extremely frustrated with this toon and unsure of what I could do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much
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    Link your Armoy, Spec and Rotation for us. Not to much we can tell from the picture.

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    Thought I did. Here it is once more..

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Spec 10/52/9

    rotation pictured below.

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    I've been frost tanking since 80, and can hold threat against anyone in frost. After much experimentation, here's the optimal build I've found: 15/51/5.

    My Armory. With that spec and gear I've been able to hold aggro against up to 5k dps (I can do about 2.5k dps on single target).

    First rotation: HB - DnD - BB - BB - FS when possible
    From that point, spam HB when off cd, and Oblit in place of HB when HB is on cd. Spam Blood Boil when more than 2 mobs, or blood strike when 2 or less. If one of those two gets away from you, taunt or Death Grip it back.

    There is a problem w/ glyphed HB in that Glacier Rot and Tundra Stalker do not apply the first time you cast it, since Frost Fever is not up yet (even though Glyph of HB applies FF). So what I do is use two HB macros, one that I use to start the pull and get FF up, and the second that I use to maximize HB's aoe dmg on mobs w/ FF already on them:

    First HB for starting pull:
    /use [mod:ctrl] some ability;[mod:alt] some ability;[mod:shift] some ability;[nomod] Howling Blast
    /use !Rune Strike
    Second HB macro, used all subsequent times after the first till the pull is over:
    #showtooltip [mod:ctrl] some ability;[mod:alt] some ability;[mod:shift] some ability;[nomod] Howling Blast
    /use [nomod] Deathchill
    /use [nomod] Blood Fury/AP trinket/whatever
    /use [mod:ctrl] some ability;[mod:alt] some ability;[mod:shift] some ability;[nomod] Howling Blast
    /use !Rune Strike
    The second HB macro guarantees a HB crit, buffed by Blood Fury, Glacier Rot, and Tundra Stalker. So within the 8s cd of HB, I've put out so much AoE threat that nothing escapes me.

    A few notes:
    - w/ Glyph of HB you don't need Epidemic.
    - you don't need Morbidity since all your AoE threat will be coming from HB and BB. By the time DnD cd is up, the pull will be over.
    - 5/5 Bladed Armor is a necessity. At 25,000 armor in FP, that's ~700 extra Attack Power, which buffs you special strikes, autoattacks, spells, and diseases. It's one of the best dk tank threat talents available.
    - I find Frost to be runic power starved, so I get both 3/3 Scent of Blood and 2/2 Chill of the Grave
    - In the Frost tree, at least 4/5 Killing Machine is necessary, HB/FS/OB crits create insane threat, and this gives us lots of crits without having put crit on our gear.
    - Icy Reach, Hungering Cold, and Acclimation are all unnecessary. As a tank, the mobs will be stacking on you so you don't need range. If one gets away, you'll use Dark Command or Death Grip to pull it back, and Icy Reach doesn't apply to those. Acclimation nice on Sapphiron, but most other fights don't need it. And Hungering Cold is optional, some tanks like it, others don't bother. It's one more way to spread Frost Fever, and as long as your dps pays attention and doesn't break it as soon as you cast it, it might be a useful oh-shit button.

    Try that and see how it goes.

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    Check out my Frost Spec for AoE by clicking here.

    For AoE pulls with an AoE happy group I do:
    DnD > Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Pestilence > (2 second pause or so usually - I like to throw in a Horn of Winter for some extra RP) > Blood Boil > Howling Blast > Blood Strike x2 > Rune Strikes/Frost Strikes > Obliterate x3 > Rune Strikes/Frost strikes (RP Dump).

    With a patient group I do:
    Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Pestilence > Blood Boil > Howling Blast > Blood Strike x2 > Rune Strikes/Frost Strikes > Obliterate x3 > Rune Strikes/Frost Strikes (RP Dump).

    I never have an AoE aggro problem unless someone is single target DPSing the wrong mob and even then it's just a Frost Strike or Howling Blast away from pulling it back to me.

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    I run single disease, so my rotation looks like this:
    Trash - HB, DnD, BB. RS as available, FS as dump. HB, OB, BBx2.

    Bosses - HB, OB, BSx2, repeat until dead, and adjust for circumstances like adds.

    I only lost aggro once to a moron DPS running in frost presence. Other than that, nothing touches my threat, and accidental taunts don't hold up for longer than is forced by the ability (ex: 3 seconds for Deathgrip).

    Running two diseases will make your Ob's hit harder, but the rotation feels a lot more smooth with one disease imo. As for spec, refer to Kurtosis' post or feel free to check my armory. NOTE: I last logged in my poor excuse for a DPS set, so disregard that and go for the frost spec

    Happy tanking!
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