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Thread: Need some gemming advice!

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    Need some gemming advice!

    Hey guys, ive been looking at alot of the top guilds tanks and they all seem to now be gemming for either +10 def +15 stam, or +10 dodge +15 stam. So i guess my question is, What is the reasoning behind their choices for this, if its a certain gear point, am i at the point where i should switch my gems also?

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    I believe the strategy is that you stack Stamina to a certain point, at which level it becomes more effective to increase your avoidance. For example, if you're sitting at 40k (or even slightly higher) unbuffed then you might start stacking avoidance. The bosses in H TotC only hit so hard so avoidance becomes desirable once you're at a point where you won't get one or two shotted.

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