Im gm of "Elite SoF" i created "Soldiers of Fortune" first is a leveling guild that members that hit 80 and meet my requirements can move from sof to elite sof. I just want to move my guild up in the ranks i want to make the top 5 before the expansion comes out. Just lookin to chat with a gm of a top rated guild maby about how he/she did it, I have an awesome group of guys seriouse players when raiding but chill and funny as hell when were not raiding. most of my guild is epicly geared. I need top know how to get more gearede members faster also what does it take to move up the ranks and how many members of my raid have to be guildys to make it so the raid goes toward the guild ranks, does it have to be a full 25/25 or can it be like 80% i have good friends from other guilds that will help raid when we have free spots but i dont want to have to few to get the ranking. i dont want advice from a bottom guild that thinks they know everything i have an awesome guild just want to get me and my guys to the top and looking for some advice for someone that has done it already. email me if u want or check out my guild site at Soldiers of Fortune we have a 50 person vent and a legit site. Also i have links in my forrums to alot of videos from tankspot i hope u guys dont mind just want to make it as easy as posssible for my soldiers to find the videos.