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Thread: Need some advice on gemming

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    Need some advice on gemming

    I'm just wondering how should i gem as a resto druid?
    many say i should go mostly stamina and reci, but i don't know :s

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    generally that's the way to go, have lots of survivability because there WILL be times they catch you in caster form and you'll need to be able to survive that. But it's individual cases, if you're finding you're bracket or skill level is allowing you to survive with less hps, by all means put some more spell power into your gems to help keep your teammate alive (especially if you find you're teammate is dying).

    I used to run with a druid who would get extremely frustrated in his cc's not landing so he gemmed for a little bit of hit and it helped him a lot too. It'll come down to play stayle mostly.

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