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Thread: Halp with Shield Block changes

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    Halp with Shield Block changes

    Hey guys I'm a bit at a loss about how the recent shield block changes effect me and gearing. Is it no longer good to stack stam and do we need to always wear our block sets for raiding? Can some1 explain or give me a link to a forum post where they explain it in detail?

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    Even with critical block chance increased from 30% to 60% I am still under the impression that block is a mediocre stat at best for Prot Warriors (unless a gimmick fight like Anub'arak add tank in a full block set). Gear prioritization has changed little for us in 3.2.2 that I am aware of.

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    The only chance, that I'm aware of is the Critcal Block talent increased to 60% instead of 30%. Si I wouldn't chance to much gear/gems/rotations because of that, since its still a chance based proc.
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    The change to critcal block seems to be aimed at helping warriors with a bit of aoe tanking, when combined with damage shield it should boost threat generated. I am reasonably new to tanking so don't have much data on the threat generated by damage shield before this change, but I guess trash tanking in your block set is going to be slightly easier.

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    the damage from damage shield is only affected by the block value given on your character sheet. since critical block doesn't affect this value it doesn't affect the reflective damage from damage shields. only things like shield block, glyph of blocking, strength buffs, and gear that has BV on it will increase damage shield damage. critical block gives a you a chance to block for double the BV on your character sheet, it doesn't double your block value.

    I see this change as a boost to warrior blocking that doesn't have huge affect on shield slam, or gemming, or itemization, or threat or anything else really; its a safe balancing buff thats increasing our average block size by 25%. blizz have said in the past that warrior block decreases damage by about 3% on average, with this change thats prolly going up to about 4% on average.

    basically nothings changes for warriors, except we're just going to take a little less damage

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