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Thread: DK AOE tank spec for heroics

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    DK AOE tank spec for heroics

    Hey there.

    First time poster, long time reader.

    I've been away from WoW for about 6 months and a lot have been going on in the DK tanking area since I left, so I need some help with my spec. I aim to tank heroics in order to get some emblems and gear up for Ulduar 10/25. I was thinking I would like a AOE-spec, as (as far as I remember) that's more important in heroics than singletarget-threat in heroics. It seems (to me) that frost is the way to go for AOE, because unholy got nerfed. Or am I completely wrong?

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    Hope you'll give me some pointers, since I'm kinda at a loss here. Have a nice day.

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    After the latest patch 3.2 Id roll with unholy as AOE is king in this spec , but i have never found any problems with blood AOE threat at all and that is what i tend to use all the time at the moment in heroics and raids , but if you starting out again give Unholy a go might prove a bit easier .
    Frost is a good AOE spec too but id still class unholy king of the AOE

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