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Thread: Guild ranks questions (officers, raiders, initiates etc)

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    Guild ranks questions (officers, raiders, initiates etc)

    'Afternoon everyone.

    I'm interested in how other guilds handle guild ranks, and how many
    ranks others have. I'm in a casual raiding guild that has between 35-50
    active players (Getting em all to sign up for raids is another question .

    As it stands we have the following roles:
    1) Guild master
    2) Officers (access to o-chat, add/remove members, handle promotions)
    3) Raiders
    4) Folks that occasionally raid, but who have been in the guild awhile
    5) Folks that occasionally raid, but are still new
    6) Trial members
    7) Idle folks
    8) A rank for officer alts, so that they can see officer chat, but not have gbank access -- in case an officer gets hacked.

    The main perks raiders get is they get priority in raids and have access
    to a "raid tab" of consumables in the gbank. Trial members and Idle members
    have no access to the guild bank.

    My question. Is this in line with what other guilds are doing?
    It seems ranks 4-5 could be consolidated into one, I'm not sure if there's
    another role we may need, that others use.

    Thanks, and hope the question made sense

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    i would combine those into one. how long does one have to be in the guild to go from rank 5 -> 4 ?

    we have
    gm (Big Charmin)
    officer (Royal)
    raider ( Cottonell)
    alt ( Soft and Gentle)
    and trial members (Tidy Bowl Man)

    we separated the raider rank with the alt rank so we are only taking peoples main. and if a officer is doing raid invites it makes it easer.

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    This is how my guild is set up
    Guild master Access to Everything of course
    Raid Leader/ officer Leader Access to all tabs and 1k a day from Guild bank
    Officers Access to first tab and second and third 500 gold withdraw
    Officer alts No access to Guild bank
    Members Access to first tab
    Trials Access to first tab
    Member's alts First tab
    Trial Alts First tab
    This might be inaccurate so ill edit if it is

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    Our guild is pretty solid with little issues. Ranks are redone every 2 weeks based on attendance. I realize you're more casual, but this helps every two weeks to decide who our most active raiders are:

    2)Officers (repairs and withdrawals)
    3)Temp. Officer (incase we have a healing/dps officer missing and need representation in O chat) (also used to be Main Tank rank)
    4)Warbringers (75%+ raid attendance, limited repairs, limited withdrawals)
    5)Wrathbringers (Less than 75%, no repairs, no withdrawals)
    7)Temporary Banker
    8)Noob of the Day
    9)Secretary Girl

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    GM(to facilitate co-gm setup)
    Officer/GM alts
    Guardian - used to be CL but we ditched that title to be more encompassing since we never intend to be top heavy & have a CL for every class.
    Core Raiders - 85%+ attendance
    Raiders - 70%+ attendance
    Members - Raiders not meeting attendance requirements
    Guild Alts

    We update ranks weekly, based off attendance over the last fortnight (epgp costs & repairs are influenced by ranks). Our ranks are fairly fluid & reflect recent attendance more accurately nowdays than when we used to update weekly based on last 4 weeks' attendance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chun View Post
    'Afternoon everyone.
    8) A rank for officer alts, so that they can see officer chat, but not have gbank access -- in case an officer gets hacked.
    What stops a hacker from logging into the officers main character and getting stuff from the guild bank? Or don't officer ranks have guild bank access either?

    This is not how the guild I am in does it but here's my view on it at least:

    1: GM
    2: Officers
    3: Raiders
    4: Social players, people that raid too little to be called raiders but have been in the guild for so long that they are allowed to stay as none raiders.
    5: Alts
    6: Trials

    x: Punishment rank? Like not being able to speak in guild chat for instance.

    Of course this can be set up differently to cover more ground so to speak. For instance you might want to have a raider rank for people with above 75% raid attendance and one rank for people between 50% - 75% raid attendance.
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    1) GM
    2) 2IC/GM Deputy
    3) Officer
    4) Officer Alt
    5) Advanced raider
    6) Standard raider
    7) Entry raider
    8) Trial
    9) Friend/Alt
    10) Enjoy Silence (muted or just invited chars)
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    1: GM
    2: Officer (Guild Goblin - she provides our flasks, etc, and has increased bank access)
    3: Officer (The rest of us, half-a-dozen)
    4: Raider (less than 30)
    5: Trial (zero to some)

    We have no alts, friends or socials or and only 2-3 retired people in-guild. Total roster is 40.

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    I've got my guild's ranks set up as:
    Officer alt
    "Honored AFK" (We've had a couple exceptional members leave WoW, and one death. this rank is for them.)
    Core raider
    Backup raider
    Non-raider (never ever brought to progression raids)
    Ghost (has no Gchat privelages, used for those who haven't been on in a long time, or those rare occasions where there's Gchat drama that needs to stop asap)

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    Out of curiosity what's with having an rank called officer alt? If it has the same priviligies as an officer then couldn't it just be an officer rank in the first place? And if it doesn't why isn't it simply an alt rank?
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    Here is a snipet of my bylaws on the topic of ranks.

    II. Hierarchy – the guild structure.
    A. Guild Master
    Guild Master:Larry. The Guild Master has the responsibility to maintain the bylaws and assure the functionality of the guild. ONLY upon approval of the guild master, or whatever type of vote he/she may decide, may the bylaws change. It is his/her responsibility to create and delegate responsibilities to the guild officers. Guild Master will mediate any issues between officers.

    B. Officers

    KevinRaid Leader & Raid OrganizerSallyWebmaster - Guild ApplicationsDonaldEPGP AdministratorKurtRaid Leader & Raid OrganizerMartinPlayer AuditorNellyGeneral Officer

    C. Veterans
    Veterans are distinguished Members (see below). Generally, a veteran has been with the guild for an extended period of time. Veterans are very likely to become officers if such an opportunity arises. A veteran may be asked to sit on the guild council during officer meetings. Veterans have enhanced guild bank privileges.

    D. Veteran Alts
    Veteran Alts are alternate characters of Veterans, Officers, and the Guild Master. They have all the same privileges as Alts, however, this ranking will be permitted to view officer chat.

    E. Members
    Members are the main raiding core of the guild. These members have priority over loot (built into EPGP) and raid invitations. Members have shown a dedication to the guild including preparation for raids. To become a member, you need to show exceptional performance and consistent weekly attendance. Members will have limited guild bank privileges, including the ability to repair fully on the guild bank's monies during raids.

    F. Alts
    Alts are alternate characters of the ranks above. Alts should have gear comparable to the lower end of the rest of the guild. They may come to scheduled raids if asked by the Raid Leader.

    G. Trial Members
    Rank achieved upon entering the guild. Trial members join raids for evaluation purposes and may be asked to improve certain aspects of their gaming before promotion to members. This period will last between one (1) to three (3) weeks. If a trial member seems to be unresponsive to feedback they will be asked to leave the guild. Trial members must also show dedication and reliability. The length of the trial period is completely dependent on each individual trial member. During this time your attendance, attitude, ability, etc. will be observed. On or before that period expires, you will either be promoted to an initiate or you will be asked to leave. Members will have raiding priority over trial members.
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    this is a really great topic-our guild is going thru a phase where we are stopping all invites. We have cut it to officers only, and are currently working towards a more serious progression core raid style. Transitioning from casual to core will be difficult. Would love to see how more guilds do it.

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    The rank structure has several implications for my guild:
    a) guild permissions
    b) calendar mass invite allowing only a minimum rank and only 100 entries, ergo raiders need to on top of the rank tree, without alts/afk/socials spamming the list
    c) loot system
    d) ego =]

    We use the following ranks:

    • GM
    • Officers (Deputy-GM. Healing, Tank, Weapon and Magic Division Leaders)
      Guild bank access to enchanting mats and gems for their divisions
    • Knight Champion (top raiders, best loot odds, access to raid consumables)
    • Knight Errant (above average raiders, better loot odds, access to raid consumables)
    • Knight (raiders)
    • Squire (trial)
    • Reinforcements (alts)
    • Friend (social, limited membership)
    • Inactive (full members on hiatus)
    We are likely to ditch the Squire rank soon and recycle it as rank for full members who are not raid-qualified.

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    Casual/Friend (old raiders that no longer can keep up but are still friends, they make great filler too)
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    Officers (Bank access, invite/gkick/promote/demote, O chat)
    Raid Leaders (O chat)
    Class Leaders (O Chat)
    Divas (For people who've been misbehaving. Can't talk in /g)

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    Our guild:
    Officer alts (very limited withdraw rights)
    Members/Raiders (2 stack access to flasks etc)
    VIPs (retired raiders, good friends of the guild, ...)
    Invite/Retard rank (muted)

    The reason we have (officer) alt ranks with limited access is because we had an officer get hacked once and the hacker used all chars to cap out withdraw rights. With only 1 char on an account with 2 max withdraws in the tab with ToC recipes makes the impact of hacked officers smaller.
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    GM (low level alt of one of the guild council, so we have a very flat hierarchy at the top)
    Guild Council x3
    Officer x4
    Member (=raider, gbank access restricted)
    Member alt
    Officer alt
    (was added as an afterthought and we couldnt be bothered changing every single existing rank just so that officer alt was below officer int he rank list)
    Honor Member (friends of members, no gbank access, no raid eligibility)

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    Member (main characters who are not officers, only one character per RL person can be a member)
    Ditz (all alts of both officers and members)
    AWOL (people who have not logged in over 3 months, no bank privileges)
    Initiate (new folk on a trial membership to guild, no bank privileges)

    As we are an old, small, friends & family guild, we do not have any special raiding rank. If your level 80 and are not an initiate, any toon can raid, with Members getting priority slots over Ditz.

    Unlike many other guilds we do not have a rank for officer alts. If an officer needs to do officer things, he/she can log out and back on to their officer toon.

    We also have very restrictive bank privileges (even to the officers) that we've had to put into place due to one of the officers getting hacked by gold-farmers... twice.

    All and all, our ranks are very light, but straight to the point. For a small guild like ours, that's all that's really needed. While I have heard of very large guilds actually having ranks for different classes/roles (DPS leader, Tank leader, Druid leader, ect.), I think that's frankly overkill for all but the biggest hard-core guilds.

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    We have:

    2x Guild Leader - Basically the same rank with all priviledges as the GM - out leadership is a triumvirate, so there's only a seperate rank for in-game reasons.
    Raid Leaders - Full Officership, access to all gbank tabs and able to sell Abyss Crystals or Orbs etc to members from the gbank.
    Veteran Raiders - Have access to view the whole gbank but can't withdraw the valuable stuff. These guys aren't officers, but they do have access to our Member Review forum to comment on trialists etc.
    Raider - our bread-and-butter member rank
    Trialist - we have month-long trial periods and all our Trial members have this rank. They can't repair from the gbank or see anything other than the tab with all the Kungaloosh and Relics of Ulduar and crap in it, heh.

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