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Thread: Dual Wielding

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    Dual Wielding

    Yesterday a friend of mine showed me the 25 man tanking sword from onyx:
    110 def 1600 armor proc if i remember well, and i was thinking if there's propably some chance for DW tanking with that sword (there almost just like a loss of 360 health loss) can anyone help me with a build to try it? i just came up with this but i know its absolutely wrong cause its an adaptation of the old OS3d tanking build but intead of going unholy put the talents in frost xD

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    obviuos fails: no HB, no extra expertise, 15% less dmg when IT is up, no extra 60% extra crit

    help plz i wanna know if there is a chance of dw tanking

    note: don't start with dw is absolutly imposible bla bla QQ. I want some positive coments and builds... i have access to great 1h weapons like hodir 10 hardmode son don't start with sta-loss. And... plz critizice the build i made a lot even tell me that i don't f'ing know how to play a DK idc i wanna learn more eachday...

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    A trial build

    Personally, I'd go with this. Offers the perks of frost and still keeps you flexible. I know it doesn't dig deep into other trees, but you realistically shouldn't need to.

    On the subject of being viable, yes, if you are Hit/Exp capped. You don't want to be taking more damage then absolutely necessary. Logic suggests you attack more, thus there is more chance a parry occurs. Although this is not a big issue, it can be annoying. Expertise is obviously more important in this regard, but hit gives that nice amount of extra thread.

    On your own build, it's not bad. I think it would work out, but I wouldn't stick my hand in the fire for it. I love Rime procs with Howling blast for that extra Threat Shot and a bit of extra AoE on demand. I have not tried your build, so I am in no position to comment on it properly, even though I tried a similar two hander build (which worked wonders).

    One thing is sure, it can be done given the right mindset.

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