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Thread: I dont understand

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    I agree with Orcstar that there is not best tanking set for every boss. I think that the main reason that people will go with stamina is that alot of bosses right now hit for so hard that if you don't stack stamina and the bosses gets two hits on you you are dead. Like Orcstar said fights like Auraya, Kolo, Vezax and even Algalon if you get a minimum EH avoidance is favorable. Right now in ToC EH is by far the best choice because there is so much unavoidable damage in it such as Gormoks Impale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin Man View Post
    Realistically with avoidance clickies you're getting ~5% after DR. That's pretty underwhelming; to me that's a 'feel good' on-use. It's hardly like popping evasion or something.
    I don't disagree with you on the fact that stamina is pretty much king right now, but please keep your math right.
    The term diminishing returns is highly confusing here, since you don't really get less for your points.
    Remember, what is important is effective avoidance increase.
    When you have 40% avoidance, 2% more avoidance will decrease the average damage taken from avoidable sources by 3.33%.
    When you have 50% avoidance, 2% more avoidance will decrease the average damage taken from avoidable sources by 4%.
    When you have 60% avoidance, 2% more avoidance will decrease the average damage taken from avoidable sources by 5%.
    So while it may take more itemization points to get that 2% avoidance, the results get larger as well.

    When I pop my avoidance clickies, I get an extra 10.9% avoidance. This is unbuffed, so buffed it should be less, so let's use 10%.
    Raidbuffed, my avoidance should be over 60%, when including debuffs on the boss.

    So that means the total amount of melee hits taken goes down by more then 25%, which is a really nice deal. I use them on Gormok, for example. We use a 4stack strategy, and I'm the second tank. So by the time my stacks are growing, the first tank is taking heavy damage, and I want to help the healers as much as I can, so I pop my trinkets a little while after taking my second debuff, to decrease the amount of melee damage taken.
    Does it make or break the fight? Hell no.
    Does it help? I'm quite sure it does.

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    Keep in mind that even though a lot of the big hits aren't mitigated by armor, they usually aren't what kills you. Usually what kills you are those big unmitigable hits IN CUNJUCNTION with normal hits which are affected by armor. If the armor is more EH that Stamina, then I say take the armor. Because when you take that normal hit before the big hit or after the big hit, that extra 2k armor or whatever may be worth more than the 170 stamina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astemus View Post
    I did a pug VoA25 the other day after getting the 2nd brewfest trinket, and the other tank, a warrior in gear about the same as mine, was laughing at me for stacking so much stamina. Then I looked at his health, it was 10k less than mine. And after he pulled the first mob, I pulled agro almost immediately and for the rest of the run he couldnt hold the mobs off me.
    I fail to see the relationship between EH and threat, what point are you making?

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    end raid focus stats: keep your basis cap(def,exp,hit) and stack stamina + armor avoidance for endgame raid is overrated... ya you can get a bunch of avoidance but low sta will result in a oneshot if the avoid fails

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    Im not a pure stamina stacker, i try and balance all my stats as best i can. I also aim for the hit/expertise soft caps and also keep an eye on physical mitigation through str and armor. i juggle stuff.. a lot.

    Its a nightmare at the moment as there is so much choice on gear, all slightly different..some has exp, some has massive armor, others have high stam..

    Stam stacking is a comfort factor... a lot in your raid dont actually give a monkeys how much avoidance you have they just feel better if the tank has 50k buffed hp.

    As said before stam has a lot of use but dont neglect your other tanking stats and CD's and try to work them to the instance/encounter.

    Low hp will get you killed, quickly as it may only take 1 shot imo.
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