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Thread: dks tanking 25 man heroic Gormok

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    dks tanking 25 man heroic Gormok

    my guild has been working on this a few hours a week for a few weeks now. and i have been sitting cause when toc 1st came out gormok owned me. i fixed that with a change to blood spec and a few upgrades on gear. but tonight one of our normal tanks was gone so i went in.. normaly our guild does 3 tanks taking 3 stacks of the debuff and normally its 2 pallys and a war.. of those only the war has trouble sometimes. but tonight i get in and when i hit 2 stacks i die almost instantly.. in my 2 attempts he hit me for 35k plus damage. and i really dont know what the deal is i should be geared enough to tank him.. maybe it was spec but just wondering if anyone can give me a few tips

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    I would reccomend switching both Glyphs of Disease to Glyph of Vamp Blood in your specs.
    You might try out - Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft for a pure progression spec, you have one optional talent point, and 3 more really if you wanted to drop Imp. Rune Tap (pretty uneccesary or pointless for most of ToC).
    Glyph of Death and Decay is pointless.

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    We use a dk, you should go first in the rotation, with no snobolds out, dmg will be minimal if you are having too hard of a time -- Also, if there are more than 2 snobolds out, use defensive cds, you will die without them

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    The lowest geared tank should go first as he hits harder as the fight goes on and he receives more buffs from the snobolds being activated.

    I have been tanking first, taking 6 stacks and then get taunted off by our other tank then immediately receive a HoP from a pally. The other tank usually can take it home and receive 3-4 stacks. Soon as Gormok is dead he receives his HoP, cancels his aura and picks up Acidmaw.

    This strategy does require pre-planning of cooldowns. I use my Satrina's Scareb trinket soon as I hit 4 stacks. When that finishes I pop VB. When that finishes I hit IBF. Before IBF expires I call for a taunt. Additionally, healers begin a cooldown rotation when I announce I'm using my first cooldown. You can mitigate a lot of damage this way and neither tank has Impale dots on them when the worms arrive (if things go correctly).

    It's also risky and not nearly as stable as going with 3 tanks and rotating every 2 stacks. However, we have several players who's dps is sub-par and this helps us bring along more dps by using a 2 tank 5 healer composition.

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    We use a feral druid, dk, me (warrior), druid holds him for 2 stacks, dk tuants off 3 seconds after the second stack is applied to the druid (that way the debuff will be off the dk when it's his turn to tuant again), I tuant off the DK and use the satrina hp trinket + dodge trinket, when it's my turn again to tuant, I use last stand + shield wall, he dies after the druid tuants and I get bopped

    This is very useful btw: make a macro to remove the BOP -- /cancelaura Hand of Protection

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    We just have the pallies put freedom on us immediately after the bop and it removes it.

    We run two tanks and the stacks go like this 3,4,2,2,2

    with the warrior starting and finishing and myself (dk) taking the 4 and 2 stack

    and we only remove stacks on the first two

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    Our guild has the same problem as the others wrote here. I can not decide whether it is our newcomer dk's problem or the guild healers slacks, but I really hope somebody can help me out now.

    So the thing is we tried about 20 times each week in toc 25 heroic and we usually fail because of 2 things:
    1. Dps is too slow or we might do something wrong (avg dps is 5000+)
    2. Our DK tank dies at least once in every try when we are fighting againts Gormok.

    Now I try to sum up the way how we tank it:
    Me (Endorah - prot pally) starts to tank the first time. I'm the MT of the guild so it's not a problem at all. After 2 stacks the first OT a DK starts to tank it, after 2 stacks a Druid tank comes in.

    We usually fails when the 2. round begins. I taunt off after 2 stacks on the druid, and when the DK taunts off of me. He dies almost instantly. We used Guardian angel, he popped all the cd-s and he dies within 10 second maximum.

    My question would be, how could it be that the DK dies so fast when me and the Druid can bear at least 3+ stack without dying? The healers were 3 priests(holy), a shaman, and 2 druid healers. I do not think the DK is in poor gear.

    Here are the tanks armory page:
    DK: The World of Warcraft Armory
    Druid: The World of Warcraft Armory
    Paladin: The World of Warcraft Armory

    I would be really thankful if anybody could say something like: replace xy glyph at xy tank or a preffered tank rotation order.

    I hope somebody can help Thx for reading it.

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    The stacking buff he gets means that he will be hitting much harder later in the fight so that is one of the problems. In addition to that, his abilities start off staggered and slowly sync up as the fight progresses it seems. So by the time he has does 7-8 impales, his melee / impale / staggering stomp / impale dot ticks could all hit a target at the same time. That's a potential for a HUGE amount of damage. I've seen my health go from 100% to 5% at the blink of an eye with shield wall up in these instances.

    Generally that's when the cooldowns are needed. You have to be aware of how many stacks of rising anger he has and how close together his impale and stomp timers are to each other. Once he has max stacks of rising anger though, you can pretty much be insta killed by a good melee hit / impale / dot tick.

    Our problem unfortunately is purely a dps issue of not being able to get gormok consistently down fast enough to deal with the jormungar.

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    You might try removing the DK from the tanking rotation. We've used two tanks since week one and not had much problems with tank deaths since the first week of heals adjusting to the damage.

    Feral 4
    Prot pal 4
    Feral 3-4

    Also 3 holy priest is pretty OP, whoever you use for last tank just have them pop a cooldown, once it's fading cast first GS, as it fades use 2nd and so on. Since you are the MT of your guild your rotation would look more like:

    Prot pal 4
    Feral 4
    Prot pal 4

    Prot pal 1st time tanking - no cooldowns
    Feral - before 3rd Impale use survival instincts (will carry over until 4th), before 4th impale barkskin
    Prot pal 2nd time tanking - use divine protection early, 1st GS as DP fades, 2nd GS, then 3rd GS, likely dead about this time. Could also just line up a GS to be cast before each impale the last 20-30%.

    Adjust your rotation however you need, the last 50% try to keep a cooldown up on tanks during impales if possible.

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    Your DK's spec seems a bit odd. Have them spec into Will of the Necropolis and always make sure there is a cooldown up. Vampiric Blood should be used religiously and my findings show that the increased healing effects stack with GS. The next time you try this have him use Vamp Blood and get a GS going, if he's still dying then you definitely have a healing problem.

    Proper raid stacking for buffs is pretty necessary. Do you have every buff in your raid that would increase health pools? I have around 55k hp raid buffed as a Blood tank and I still see my health dip pretty low during Gormok. Its all about getting the healers and tanks on the same page with cooldowns.

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    DK's tank this fine

    I have tanked it every week as the 3rd on the rotation
    feral x2
    war x2
    me x2 ToC trinket the 2nd Implae
    feral x2
    war x2
    me x1 Vamps x1 IBF

    Never had a problem with damage intake, i also usually end up with the enraged worm and icehowl.

    Not sure where/how the idea started that DK's cant tank gormok, but its 100% false

    Also we've done it with 2 tanks several times, back when dc's where a frequent thing, and never had problem with that either, we just prefer 3 as dps isnt a problem and its much more stable


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