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Thread: New Fury Warrior-Maximizing My DPS

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    New Fury Warrior-Maximizing My DPS

    Recently switched from Prot to Fury to help raid progression. Have been MT and OT for almost 5 years (11/05), and this is really my first time doing full-time raid DPS. Guild is currently 13/14 Ulduar, 5/5 ToC and pushing aggressively to hard modes. Since I have been MT/OT main specced, most of my DPS gear has come my way when other DPS passed (which explains my trinkets and rings, weapons, etc.), although since moving into Fury last week, I have gotten some good drops. I have spent hours here and on EJ trying to figure out caps and rotation priorities and am now turning to the community in the hopes that you can offer some tips on how I can maximize my DPS. Currently, I am finishing between 10-15 in DPS, and I am hoping to move into the top 10 (the higher the better of course!).

    Current raotation is WW, BT, GCD, GCD, BT, WW, GCD, BT, GCD, GCD (repeat), doing free Slams and heroic strikes/cleaves (when rage allows).

    Here is a link to our latest ToC clear (Jaxxus fight is at this page): WoW Meter Online - Combatlog Replay

    Here is a link to my Armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Note: I will be switching out shoulders soon for Wrynn's Shoulderplates of Triumph - Item - World of Warcraft (7 badges away), unless you guys think I can benefit more from another drop.

    Also, can someone please explain why the game UI (and Armory) have my ArP at 29-30%, while Rawr shows me at 39%? Am I correct that as Fury, I don't need more ArP if I am between 35 and 40%?

    Thanks everyone for your advice, it is very much appreciated.

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    for fury, arp comes naturally from gear unless you have an arp proc trinket. then you want to gem until you reach the soft cap, which will give you 100% arp with the trinket procced.

    im not familiar with rawr, but the arp conversion ratio has changed yesterday with patch 3.2.2. as arms i lost 8% arp, some people have lost more, some have lost less, and this might be why you are seeing a discrepancy with your arp between the armory/in-game and rawr.

    those shoulders are a great upgrade for both fury and arms. i believe for fury the helm, chest, shoulders and legs from the t9 set are going to be bis, with the gloves off anub 25 as your off set piece. for arms i know its helm, chest, gloves, and shoulders with the anub10 legs being the off set piece.

    right now you are way over the expertise cap, but when you upgrade your weapons to the new bis (dual-blade butcher/justicebringer) you will probably be right at or a little under cap. so until then you can replace your expertise ring or belt if you have something close to the same quality.

    as for your rotation, you dont want to delay bt or ww, so i dont think you will have that many free gcd's to work with. even if you have 1 second remaining cd on bt or ww, hold off slam since both hit harder. to me your heroic strike usage is low, but maybe its just because you dont have alot of crit to get rage refunded through the hs glyph (or just bad rng with it). the t9 2 piece will help and the 4 piece even more with that. just queue up hs once youre over 50 rage. try to get in on some thorim 10 hardmode kills to replace your grim toll with runestone, since you dont need the grim toll hit and the 2.2% crit from runestone is really nice.

    you can take one point out of uw and put it in anger management since i think am gives more rage with 4/5 uw than 5/5 uw alone. your 3 points in iron will should be moved to tactical mastery for shattering throw. i really think those 3 points are mandatory for raiding fury warriors since they can stance dance to battle and have exactly the rage they need to shattering throw immediately and stance dance back. improved execute is lackluster for fury, since keeping your normal rotation in execute phase is still higher dps than spamming execute or some variation. you can replace your execute glyph with cleaving to help out more on trash and on fights with more than two mobs (mimiron, kolo, thorim arena, anub in trial, etc).

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    Rawr has always shown me with more arp than I have. Sometimes it shows me with 20% more, sometimes 5% more. It changes with every version they release but it's never been accurate.
    "We actually talked today about adding an item level 300 shirt that did absolutely nothing but mess with mods that attempt to boil down players to gear scores. " -Ghostcrawler

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    Thanks for the thoughtful response Destruyen. I will try out the spec changes.

    And thanks for the info re Rawr Rak, good to know I'm not the only one.

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    I haven't DPS'd for a while, but looking at your wow meter data you are not using Heroic Strike as often as possible. On a fight like Jaxxus you really should have more damge (%) from HS than your melee hits. HS only accounted for 2.8% of your damage it really should atleast be 15% (and this is a minimum) of damage done. Fury warrior dps, once you have the basic caps sorted as stated by Destruyen, is all about rage management. You need to maintain enough rage at any one time to not miss a beat in your BT/WW rotation, but you need to convert all additional rage into a HS swing. I suggest you get Satrina's digits addon and practice hitting HS anytime you see around 65 rage.

    Plus use pummel, don't let those other classes hog all that interupt action, it will atleast keep you entertained during the fight.

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