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Thread: What happened to my HP

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    What happened to my HP

    Did we warriors get some sort of quiet nerf in the recent patch? Pre 3.2.2 my unbuffed health was just over 34k. Now it's at 33661. I just triple checked all my gear to make sure I had all my tanking pieces on (which I do), and I know I did not re-gem/enchant anything recently, nor did I respec. Somehow 400 HP quietly disappeared from my character w/ no explanation as to why.

    Here's my armory for inspection just in case:The World of Warcraft Armory

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    i think its the RP brewfest gear. youd get your health back if you put on your real gear.

    no stealth nerf. blizzard woulda said something.

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    It might not be showing up in armory yet, but I just logged out in my tank gear and logged back in. I have nothing brewfest related on, just my full tank set.

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    It's showing my tank gear now.

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    nope. no nerf and no tanking item's were nerfed.

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    I didn't even bother to check armory,b ut did you lose a meta gem activator, change an enchant, play in your dual spec?

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    @ Mahntor - Not a thing. Every gem, enchant, and piece of armor is the exact same as it was before the patch. They only thing I did was brewfest, but as far as I know there isn't a hangover debuff.

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    I think you are probably remembering your old health incorrectly.
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    Your helm enchant is now 55 AP + 20 Resil? That would be a loss of around 400 HP versus the 37 STA/ 20 def one.

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    F*** ME! Jere is the winner. I am fail. I meant to put that on my dps helmet, but I must have done it on my tank one by accident (have both versions of T8.5). Damn I am stupid. Thanks Jere!

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    lol that sucks.

    glad you found out the problem tho

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    It's always the obvious solution ey?
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    So Patch 3.2.2 secretly tried to nerf warriors be changing your dps and tank metagems? Ouch, that's really nasty thing of blizzard to do

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    I've also heard that in 3.2.2, Onyxia does deep breath more!

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    Ye Swelt, pull her to Vael's room.
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    I suggest removing this thread to prevent confusion. It was discovered to be an error on the original poster's part.
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    I'll retitle.

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    Apologies for the confusion all. But thanks to the TankSpot users for pointing out my mistake. I'm happily back above 34k HP again (and an little more over since I got Facegaurd of Wrath from Onyxia 10 last night. Great stats - DUMB MODEL!. Hide helm = on).

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    I love the Wrath graphics.

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    Hahaha I know what you mean. I but I can't blame them. This one was strictly an error between chair and keyboard.

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