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Thread: New to pally tanking, need advice

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    New to pally tanking, need advice

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

    Armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory

    My paladin has only been 80 for around 3 weeks, though I have a similarly geared 80 prot warrior I've been tanking on since wow-classic, so I'm just a little unclear on a few paladin-specific things. My questions are:

    1 - My primary concern, as odd as this sounds coming from a paladin, is threat... especially with the minor nerfs that came today. I feel like I'm the only pally that has trouble with this honestly, but I can't figure out quite what I might be doing wrong. I hear so much about how awesome pally threat is, but my warrior puts my pally to shame so far, how can I improve this? Rotation is standard 696 stuff... I usually open with sotr, judge, hotr, hs, sotr, consecrate, hotr, judge and so on....

    example: On 10m heroic last night I was main tanking anub and hovered usually around 4-5k tps with dips as low as 2k and spikes as high as 6k. I'd say average is 4.5k. Maybe this is an issue with the stun? Either way, I believe our dps were having to back off a bit and we were barely getting him to leech before the second submerge so I'd definitely like to improve in this area.

    2 - Is there anything wrong with my gemming and enchanting? If so, any suggestions for imporvement?

    3 - Is there anything wrong with my gearing? I'm not unhittable without redoubt, I'm not sure if that's an issue or not, perhaps I should push for more block rating or avoidance? Any upgrades I missed that might be easily obtainable?

    4 - Glyphs/Talents, I'm really uncertain in this category. Is glyphing salvation a good choice or should I go with something else? Is divine sacrifice a good idea as a pally tank, how many situations arise where I can utilize this considering I'm primarily an offtank? Is improved HoJ useful? I copied this off one of the top pally tanks on my server for lack of any better ideas for the point usage, but I can't seem to see it's value, any other suggestions?

    I am primarily tanking toc 10/25 normal/heroic, always offtank, if that helps any.

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    If you are having any kind of threat issues, glyph of salvation is a bad choice. (Since you can't use it or you'll lose aggro.)
    Glyph of judgement will give you a small threat boost.

    Your talent spec is identical to what I currently run with. I'm gonna shift a point from crusade to SA, most likely, but that's to make some of the 'easier' content like 10man Ulduar hard modes more doable.

    Divine sacrifice is an amazing talent, especially if you are an off tank, since you'll have times where you won't be tanking anything. If you have a macro handy to cancel both auras (I bound that to my bubblewall), you can use it and cancel it if you suddenly need to tank something.

    Gearing looks good, gemming looks okay, though you should probably try to lose the def gems you can, stamina will serve you better.

    As far as threat goes, I'm not sure what's going on there. You could change the blockvalueonshieldblock trinket to the blockvalueonjudge trinket - both have 100% uptime with 969, and the judge one is stronger. (At least it is on EU servers - it may (or rather should) change in 3.2.2.) Trying to complete the 4set for T8 will also give you a nice threat boost.

    Don't discount other stuff for threat - in general, if you gain 2 of anything, you get 1 threat, so your draenei self-hot could give you a tiny boost at the beginning of combat.
    (No clue if it has a cast time or if it's on the global cooldown, use in combat as you see fit.)

    You are overcapped on hit rating - if memory serves you only need to get 7% hit for your melee attacks to never miss, so don't go over that. (Spell hit only effects taunts and consecration, not really worth going for.)
    More expertise may help you get a little more threat, but I wouldn't gem or enchant for it, you are at the dodge cap, and that should be good enough.

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    Block value on Holy Shield libram is now 100% better than the blockvalueonjudge libram after 3.2.2. Zero reason to use the judgement one anymore.

    If you want a threat upgrade from the libram slot, grab the Ret libram - 200 strength with almost 100% uptime.

    Your biggest threat problem is probably the hardest to upgrade in the content you're doing - your weapon. Thankfully, new easy to get tank weapons have become available as of yesterday! The possible weapon upgrades are as follows:

    Ony 10/25: Either quelserrar. Both will be huge threat upgrades. Obviously the higher ilvl one is better. Take them, find your defense elsewhere. Just do it.
    Pug Ulduar 25: TItanguard off the first boss.
    Ulduar 10 hard mode Hodir: Shiver. THis one requires some friends who don't suck.
    Ulduar25 hard mode XT: Sorthalis, although I don't get the feeling your guild is likely to be doing this fight regularly.
    TOC regular 10: I have no idea if you're horde or alliance, but the tanking weapon drops there.

    That's your biggest possible threat upgrade. The rest is overall gear level - You're in mostly 226 gear for 245 level (heroic TOC 10) content! I'm impressed you're surviving to be honest, you must work well with your team. Gear level matters for threat because Strength is our #1 threat stat as a paladin in almost every situation. The titanium weapon chain on your weapon is pretty weak - stop being cheap and shell out for Accuracy, the max threat enchant, or Mongoose, an almost as good threat enchant with quite a bit of avoidance (and significantly cheaper mats to boot). It's worth it. You're over the hit cap (although you won't be for long with TOC gear coming), so right now the weapon chain is giving you absolutely ZERO value threatwise.

    Switch your parry gems, which you should basically never use until your dodge massively outscales your parry, to agi/stam gems. Agi is nearly as good as dodge (and significantly better than parry) at preventing overall icnoming damage, and adds threat in the form of crit. Little things add up.

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