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Thread: Tanking Gear and Spec Advise

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    Tanking Gear and Spec Advise

    Please take a look at my gear and build and give me some advise on what I should be going after. I believe my priorities should be the legs from HVH and the 1H sword from HUP? Thanks in advance... Chief
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    Run Brewfest boss and get a welfare trink to replace Lavanthor's.

    Run heroics and slowly get the 226 gear (2piece conq, neck, hands, belt are all good - legs aren't bad if you're replacing 200 stuff).

    Get in on Naxx, OS, VoA pugs when you can. At this point in the game there's lots of different options for gearing up (which is nice).

    You can aim for Red Sword of Courage out of H UP and as well do your Arena dailies for the faction sword (not sure on the name atm). If you're up to it, you can throw together a FL25 pug with 10-15 competent people and hope for Titanguard to drop.

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