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Thread: Some advice for gemming and trinkets needed

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    Some advice for gemming and trinkets needed

    Ok here is my armoury link The World of Warcraft Armory

    I am the MT for a 10 man raiding guild and we are currently working through the keepers. I do have limited acces to 25man and ToC gear but only through pugs.

    Please ignore the missing enchants these will be sorted tonight I only got the gear last night

    My question though is what I should be gemming in the 3 gem slots I have? I have a feeling my expertise should be a little higher although 2 of the slots are blue and the other is prismatic so it seems a little bit of a waste. The other oprion I guess would be purple gems with sta and expertise.

    Also I am not sure about my trinket choices I have got the Brewfest sta trinket and was not sure if that would be better than my Dodge trinket or if I should save up for the triumph trinket?

    Thanks in advance
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    I might use the Brewfest trinket in place of the Valor Medal and throw epic Expertise/Stamina (purple ones) on your blue slots. If your healers want more health though I'd just stack stamina. If dps is good and you're lagging in threat then expertise will help in that department.

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    Thanks for the reply

    I didnt actually realise how little the valor medal gave me so the Brewfest trinket has been swapped in now as the extra 170 sta is very nice and will keep the healers happy and I have only lost just over 1% dodge

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