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Thread: raid tanking

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    raid tanking

    hi im jw if i my gear is good enough to start in the 10 man naxx/os/voa/eoe and is my spec good enough to mt it. because they asked to me to be the mt in the guild

    my wow armory link The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Hmmm, toughie.

    Before answering your question, two things. First of all, this has a better place in the "halp! I need advice forum". Secondly, brushing up your post a little will make people more likely to help you. (Right now it looks like something you posted as an afterthought, with typos, shorthand and rather bad grammar. If you don't spend time and effort posting something, why would a complete stranger spend time answering your post?)

    I'd have to say that your raid would need to play it safe, not do anything too rash and maybe have an extra healer available on some fights, but you should be good to tank the raids listed.
    There are some gear options available for you still before you go there, though.
    Try getting Essence of Gossamer - Item - World of Warcraft from AN heroic, second boss.
    Plate Armor - Items - World of Warcraft
    Plate Armor - Items - World of Warcraft
    Those two lists should give you an indication of what's available, especially rep gear isn't that hard to get, and maybe you can convince your raid to assist you in buying some of the other gear.

    Also, you want to enchant all your gear - if you are afraid of wasting money on gear you will replace quickly, try using Heavy Borean Armor Kit - Item - World of Warcraft on your gear, it shouldn't be too expensive.

    If you want to test your abilities and gear, take a group of the people you would raid with to the 5man instance at the tournament, heroic mode - that place should be about as hard as some of the raids you listed, maybe a bit harder.

    I wish you the best of luck, and remember that it helps a lot if you know all the fights well.

    Your spec looks really good, it matches your gear. Once your gear improves, you'll have less need for divinity, but right now it's a good thing to have.
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    just a quick advise or idea, if you are the best geared tank in your guild, some fights in naxx will be a problem if your healers is not imba, so it may be a good idea to pug (or ask a friend) a well geared tank who knows the fights and can tell you what to do and what to be awer of doing the bosses.

    best of luck to you

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    Your gear in its current state is fine to start progressing through Naxx, even as MT. (emphasis on progression! )

    But I wouldn't step into a raid with unenchanted gear.
    If I was you I would start working on getting my rep up to get the best head- and shoulder-enchant and get my pants, bracers and gloves enchanted asap!

    By upgrading your shoulder-enchants, by getting your head enchanted you can loose some of the defense-gems. This as well as the other boost to your HP by enchants you still can get you will soon notice that your hp isn't fluctuating as strong and will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

    On a side-note:
    While avoidance is realy nice, you might want to get one or two of the Brewfest-stam trinkets over one or both of those dodge-trinkets you have for the same effect.
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