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Thread: Technically viable to juggle trinkets?

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    Technically viable to juggle trinkets?

    I was sitting today looking through the effects of my tanking trinkets, and i noticed that it's pretty much possible to juggle through 5 trinkets and always have CD effect up, without using last stand or shield wall.
    I don't know if this was common knowledge i just didn't know or what, but is it viable to simply spend the time when tanking to keep the cds of about 5 to 6 trinkets for more survivability?

    Trinket 1- 20 secs.
    (after 20 secs, switch out for Trinket 3)
    Trinket 2- 20 Secs.
    (After 20 secs, switch for trinket 4)
    Shield block- 10 Secs.
    Trinket 3- 20 secs
    (switch to 5)
    Trinket 4- 20 secs
    (switch to 1)
    -90 sec mark-
    Shield Block- 10 secs.
    Trinket 5- 20 secs.
    (switch to 2)
    -120 second mark-
    Trinket 1....etc.

    Or maybe adding a 6th trinket to relax the timing a bit
    But is there anyone that does this? or is it just a ridicoulous waste of time? Because now I'm sitting trying to think of ways to macro it out..

    Scratch all of that.
    Completely forgot you cant switch tirnket in combat. X.x
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    trinkets can't be switched in combat and most click effect trinkets have a 30 second cooldown when you equip them

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    This would be nice

    If you could change trinkets in combat
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    And i did take into account the 30 second timer.
    Now i see.
    That never even occured to me I was so caught up in it. XD

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    lmao nice post >.<

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