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Thread: Moonkin Addons

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    Moonkin Addons

    After picking up a lot of moonkin gear from my 10 man group (2nd to down anub heroic on realm) I realized "Wow my dps set is crazy". We normally have our 3rd healer (resto shaman) go elemental for Anub and have myself (resto druid) and a disc priest (normally holy) heal the encounter.

    After changing around our comp a bit (rogue in pvp spec to FoK interrupt, priest going disc) I mentioned me trying dps. Valuable buffs and extra 5% crit and 3% haste for everyone. We tried it, we all were amazed by my dps (seeing as last time I was dps was in heroics because our 25 man has a moonkin).

    My UI is very much so a healer UI. Based off of Aliena's with some tweaks. But now I will be dps'ing more instead of our resto/ele shaman. So I need to pick up some moonkin addons. I need to track my eclipses, elune's wrath proc, and other cooldowns and DoTs.

    I have CooldownButtons, which is nice, and works for when I am resto because I know those cooldown lengths better than my moonkin ones. Is there an addon out there that will track cooldowns and DoTs and procs? Or is it just time for me to bang my head against a wall and truly customize Miks Scrolling Combat Text?

    >.> I'm long winded, the point/question is in the bold..

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