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Thread: Hit Rating ... Where are you getting it?

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    Hit Rating ... Where are you getting it?

    Alright ... since my guild kind of blew up back in August, I have been free to do a lot more things. Namely, start playing my paladin a lot more. However, doing ToC is killing my hit rating. I am down to 170 and if I actually take the "upgrades" that are available to me at the moment, I will lose a heck of a lot more.

    So the question here is, where are you getting your hit from? Or are you just relying on the Glyph to keep you taunt capped and let the missed ShotR and the like fall where they may?

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    unfortunately there are only a few pieces of hit gear in this tier, and you'll prolly get the pants that drop in the 25 as opposed to the tier ones. many people are just ignoring hit as it really hasn't impacted there threat.

    and there is no situation where your taunt absolutely needs to hit the first time except for yogg so other than that you don't really need to glyph for taunt. it sucks but i suspect that you're gonna see alot of tanks with under 100 hit rating till icecrown.

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    Heroic 10 Man TOC, Snapper Extreme, and a couple of well placed set pieces.

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    I havnt had it capped in ages. We have two taunts failure is not the end of the world.

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    Honestly, in my progression set I worry very little about my hit, and Glyph for Taunt for the tank rotations. I have a separate threat set where my hit is capped and my expertise is at about 42. This gives the best of both worlds when it is needed. As a warrior, having separate sets to do different jobs is important.

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