What would u choose if u were tank and what would u choose as healer for ur tank to wear?

36,5k hp|168hit rat|17exp|24,68dodge|18,36parry|535def+95 resi
36,4k hp|224hit rat|17exp|24,76dodge|17,88parry|535def+95 resi
35,2k hp|273hit rat|24exp|26,22dodge|17,38parry|550def+15 resi

What comes first hp or avoidence? Will i be able to keep up with threat if i am not hit/exp capped?

I know that diffrences are not big but it would help me if i knew the answers. Currently MTing/OTing Uld10/25 ToC10 and just starting ToC25. I rly dont want to waste my dkp

Also which sigil is better for tps Sigil of the Vengful Heart or Sigil of Awareness? I am blood specced.