elo peeps, my first post here, so again hi.
ive posted a armoury link of my deathknight tank, atm is bloodspec wich has been main spec for about 6 weeks so far and seems too b doing fairly gd, except in 1 area, threat. a gd exaple is the gormak the impaler fight, im finding i have too let the other tank (pala) know he really has too bk of when i tunt of him as till i have a rune strike too give out i just dont stand a chanse over tanking him, could some one have a look at gear/glyphs/talents see if im missing some thing.
aslo im under the impression (all though i not fully tested it, i have tryed it) that dulewiled frost seems too produe more threat, prob due too the buff on the sent of blood, giving many more froststikes, aslo with the up an comming add'ing runestrike too the duelwild move (threat of thassarin), would ppl say this is the threat build too stick with?
um my final word's as u may seem from my name, frost is my ture luv, i just felt blood was working well as we are working through hardmodes uldaur 10.

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