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Thread: DK Tanking Problems

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    DK Tanking Problems

    I've been tanking as a DK since the WOW-LK came out, up to patch 3.2 i was doing fine as a tank, now with the 3.2 patch, i really suck as a tank.

    My problem is not with aggro, its with taking way too much damage. I've been asking healers if they are having problems healing me and if it is harder for them to heal me than a paladin or warrior tanks, and all of them are saying the same thing it is a lot harder to heal DK tanks than any other class.

    One of the main that comes to mind is shields and shield block, seems to be a huge benefit to pally and warrior tanks that DKs do not have.

    Parry, seems like having too much parry is really not good for a DK because of parry haste from bosses. That leaves us with dodging only.... not enought of a avoidance to really do raid tanking.

    I ok with lower level tanking (heroics, naxx10/25, etc...) because i am over geared for them, but when it comes to (ulduar10/25, toc10/25) it is really hard for a healer to keep up with the damage i am taking. Seems like pallies and warrior with comparable gear are a LOT easier to heal.

    Anyone have any ideas ? are they going to upgrade some of DK tanking abilities in next patch ? Any Comments on DK tanking ?

    US/laughing skull/windeath <---- if you want to look at my gear in wow-heroes

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    You should log out in your tanking gear. Or use a profiler to display it.

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    if you press the frost or blood links ... it will change my gears ... so you can see both spec gearing.

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    Regarding links, it's considered appropriate to link the profile in question, whether to armory, wowheroes or wherever.

    My immediate suggestion is to shift glyphs. I consider the set of Howling Blast, Obliterate & Frost Strike ideal for Frost tanking. Ob/FS are purely for dps/threat, but HB is to get Frost Fever up on targets as quickly as possible. The 20% slow effect from Frost Fever makes a notable difference in melee damage on you, and having it up quickly is an important avoidance tactic.

    Also, the IBF glyph serves no useful purpose for tanking.

    Your spec is typical, nothing that is obviously going to get you killed or is a 'poor' choice.

    Gear wise, I think you have more avoidance than I, though you have notably less stamina (gems, enchants, etc.) than possible. The 'smaller' health pool makes it a more difficult task for healers, as they respond with large changes in health pools with small, ineffecient heals. Large health pools give more leeway, and healers shift to larger heals as you're not dropping like a rock.

    Replace chest with 275 hp (instead of 200), and change gems to stamina cuts. The Vivid cut in your shoulders is a good example, though you can use Regal (dodge/stamina, purple) and Enduring (defense/stamina, green) with Solid (stamina, blue) gems to fill all your sockets. You will lose some avoidance, but pick up stamina.

    Finally, replace the Rune of Repulsion. Okay trinket, but a stamina trinket would be far, far better instead of parry, Essence if Gossamer and The Black Heart both come to mind.

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