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Thread: Some Tankadin questions

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    Some Tankadin questions

    I have recently been volunteered to tank for my guild while one of the MT's is on vacation. in about 2-3 weeks i put together a pretty decent prot set but need some clarifications on gemming. I have seen alot of tankadins socket str/stam and a few with agi/stam. is it better to gem that way or go with dodge/stam or even straight stam? Also, where is it ok to be at hit? im currently at 192 and dont have a problem with threat but i do see misses from time to time.

    link to my armory - The World of Warcraft Armory

    i also have Fervor of the Frostborn - Item - World of Warcraft
    The General's Heart - Item - World of Warcraft
    for my trinkets.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    edit: also, what is the best enchantment for my weapon?

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    My opinions, take them for what they are.

    Gems, str/sta or agi/sta:
    Agi/sta gems are far superior to str/sta gems, due to providing avoidance/EH/threat all in one stat, unless you tank nothing but farm content and only need the dps. Other valid options are dodge/sta and parry/sta (if you have an extreme amount of dodge vs parry). But IMO, if you are tanking things at or slightly above your gear level, you should generally concentrate on straight stamina gemming except for meeting meta requirements or meeting socket requirements on items that will not be a net stamina loss with blue gems (ie 2 socket, 1 blue, +12 stam bonus) in order to gain a lacking stat through the gem.

    Hit question:
    Doesn't really matter. I literally have 0 hit on my tanking gear (and WAY too much expertise) simply due to blizzard's unkind itemization of things that drop for me, and as much as taunt and snap threat misses are a pain, I never never gem for it. If you get a piece of tank gear with hit, take it since it's an ok threat stat and a good quality of play improvement when capped, but don't refuse upgrades simply because you'll lose hit.

    Swap librams to the old badge libram until they fix it or you get the 245 libram. I think blade ward is bad, but it's up to you. I would also re-enchant your shield. Keep the stam trinkets equipped.

    If you can afford the threat loss, I would recommend Glyph of Salv as a soft cooldown. I find myself using it often in Uld hard modes and ToC Heroic.

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