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Thread: I'm lost... Please help.

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    I'm lost... Please help.

    I am a newish level 80 Human DK, and while the entire time leveling I ran dual wield dps I have come to a crossroads. I ran dps for my first month after hitting 80 with which I still ran frost which I will never unspec out of, I just tweaked my specs to include certain things from unholy as well as blood when i went with two hand.
    However, I recently wanted to join the rank of the tank and dual speced. This lead to some very quick problems. I did not have the reflexes or really the know how to understand the workings of threat with the dk seeing as how I have spent my entire career with it on keeping my threat down lol. So I looked through all my different talents and found a good two hand frost tanking spec that seems to work pretty well. My problem is I luckily came across a peacekeeper blade from H ToC and have gemed it for increased stam since I am already defense capped.
    Lol sorry I know this was a long intro but here is my question. I plan to dual wield the peacekeepers seeing as how it is not a unique item. I feel I do a fine job with holding aggro now that I have been pugging every 80 instance know to the WoW but is switching from two hand to dual wield going to be a smart investment? I feel like I lose too much staying in two hand for tanking at least considering I have already lost the shield and its stat and chant bonuses. That being said, I feel like dual wield is the way to go for the stat bonus and the different runes/chants that you can have on your extra weapon. Anyone's advice as opinionated as it might be, lol would be very helpful.

    And if that was confusing my question is dual wield or two hand DK tanking?


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    I've got some advice for you.

    First of all, include an armory link in your post.
    (Don't make a new post, just edit the existing one.)

    Secondly, while editing your post, remove all occurances of the term 'lol' from your post. The way you used it makes the post seem completely unserious and childish.

    Now, to answer your question.

    Dual wield and using a twohanded weapon are both viable options for tanking as a DK. Stats are not an issue since twohanded weapons tend to have double the stats of single handed weapons, and the available rune enchants are mostly similarly balanced.

    Of course, they are both different tanking styles, and require different talent specs.

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    The short answer: Do not dual-wield as a tank! Especially a new tank.

    The long answer: This has been answered a number of times before. Try doing a search and read the threads it turns up. TankSpot - Search Results

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