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Thread: I need some opinion!

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    I need some opinion!

    I was wondering if you guys can see how my gear is until I start running some instances.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Right now, I have 493 Defense rating, but until I run The Oculus (N) and Gundrak, I should be getting 2 rings that will boost my Defense rating to 543.

    I was also wondering, should I be enchanting any low-level enchants with these equips?

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    You should really get your defense higher before you try heroics - most people consider 535 a minimum, and I tend to agree.

    Throwing some enchants on your gear is always a wise idea, and you are completely right in that you shouldn't put too much money into gear that will be replaced quickly.
    There are some armor patches that fit on just about anything, and should be cheap and effective. (Heavy Borean Armor Kit - Item - World of Warcraft)

    Here's a list of gear that can be bought (for some you need badges, for some you need rep, for some you need a crafter) and that's should help you find some better gear.
    Armor - Items - World of Warcraft for vendor stuff.
    Armor - Items - World of Warcraft for crafted stuff.

    Some of the blue quality gear that requires rep is really easy to get. (You can get honoured or better by just doing the quests.)

    I've also seen people equip the frostres breastplate and socketing it with defense gems. It's not ideal, but it's a lot of stamina.
    Icebane Chestguard - Item - World of Warcraft

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