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Thread: 80 DK - Ready for 10m TotC?

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    80 DK - Ready for 10m TotC?

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    So the basic question I have is in the title of this thread. I've recently MT'd and OT'd Ulduar10 for the first time ever and did fine, as far as everyone told me. I've upgraded a few pieces since then, and will be upgrading my helm shortly to T8 and also my Sigil to Deflection.

    I'm a threat machine on multi and single target, even specced into Frost. Once I get aggro on something, there's next to no way that anyone is going to pull something off.

    According to Rawr, I'm sitting at ~55% total avoidance (miss, dodge, parry). Is that enough for 10m TotC? Also my stamina isn't quite as high as I'd like it to be, but it will be going up once I upgrade my helm and get epic gems in a few more slots (I farm Honor for these).

    One other question, and it's kind of off topic - when do you use cooldowns as a dk? Obviously if there's going to be massive magic damage incoming put up AMS or for physical damage such as XT's tantrum I typically pop IBF, but when to use Unbreakable Armor?

    So far I've been using it if my HP gets low, but by then it seems like it's too late and I end up dying anyway. Any tips or advice on this would be great.

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    In ToTC 10 there are a lot of times you know too cooldown in advance.

    On Gormokk, as he gets to his lowest %s. On the worms, whenever you are tanking a worm that is hitting for physical damage (alternates every time they come up, use a cooldown as you pick them up for ease of healer transitioning). On Icemaw right before he unstuns after hitting the wall.

    Jaraxxus is a joke that I tank in DPS gear.

    FChampions aren't really a tanking fight.

    On the twins you use a cooldown whenever the twin you ARENT tanking uses Twin Pact, or AMS whenever the opposite color vortex casts so you dont have to ever switch portals.

    On Anubarak, I normally cooldown randomly, but I always save my entire line of cooldowns for sub 30% leeching swarm.

    Your gear could be better. Badge bracers, badge neck, crafted boots if you can afford them, and the 25 Triumph emblem sigil would be pretty huge upgrades for you. When you get more defense on your base gear, you can add more 30 stamina gems and a 30 stam PvP enchant to your shoulders (which would probably be a good idea now even, resilience will make up for the lost defense).

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