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Thread: T9.5 reg vs badge loot

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    T9.5 reg vs badge loot

    What do you guys think will be the best set up. because of the badge loot you can get vs T9.5. Alot of the badge gear seems to be a little better. What I;m trying to do is get the 2 piece bonus and thats about it. So the question is what 2 pieces of T9.5 would be better vs badge gear.

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    Personally im going for tier Gloves, Shoulders or Legs.

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    I am getting gloves and legs, but thats just cause kologarn doesnt like me

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    Tier shoulders and gloves here. The gloves are a gimme as there are like no tank gloves in 25's. I like the expertise on the tier shoulders.

    I want the legs off Jaraxxus (hopefully heroic after tonight!)

    I like honorguard helmet better then even the ilvl 258 tier helm.

    I also prefer the Towering monstrosity chest over the tier chest.

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    I am thinking the same as drae. I just messed up and got the badge shoulders before looking hard at them, kinda stuck now.

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    Yeah, I bought the shoulders first since even with them I'm only at 24 Expertise :-(, but I do think the Towering Monstrosity breastplate is better, and the Honorbound helmet is really nice as well... especially with all that Expertise on it that I desperately need.

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    TBH badge shoulders for a warrior smoke the T9.25 ... there is enough expertise on other items, i wouldnt pass up 53 parry and the 30 extra strength, unless your really struggling for expertise, badge shoulders > T9.25 shoulders
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    I'm in a 10 man guild but pug the first 2 in 25 ToC. I'm going for gloves and shoulders T9.25, helm from badges, chest and legs from beasts/jaraxxus. Mind you I tend to value expertise higher than other people.

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