Hi there, Just an arms warrior being a little hesitant on my next selection for Triumph badge loot. I am approaching 75 badges and the dkp to buy a trophy aswell. With my current gear, switching my leggings would result in a loss of 59 hit, my boots 48 hit. I do not have grim toll and have basically given up on Naxx25 to get it. So..

I am debating to buy Wrynn's Helmet of Triumph (non-heroic) OR save my dkp, get the Hood of leathal Intent (as it is higher on landsoul's spreadsheet). Then I would buy the trophy leggings followed by the Chest (or not if I bought the helm) for my 4 set bonus.

My guild is not yet geared for Heroic Toc25, so I dont imagine I will see any heroic loot for sometime. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


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