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Thread: how to av?

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    how to av?

    I'm taking the advice of several ppl and have decided to level from 71-80 doing AV. Which is fine except I'm not sure what to do? Do I do the quests in there too?

    Oh yeah...I've been horde since the MC days and re-rolled Alliance for WOTLK.
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    Idk about questing since I only do it on my level 80. If you think it gives a decent amount of exp I guess you could do that.

    If not you pretty much either go on offense to cap towers and GY's. Kill Galv and finally drek.

    If you go on defense try to take back your towers and keep the horde at bay for as long as possible.

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    thanks. i just play AV like I did at 80 and go for the win. I figure that gives me the most exp.
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    Also, do the quests. if they don;t give you the XP, at least there is rep. I am leveling my DK in BGs an I always do the quests, for the rep. I'll check tonight to see if I get xp

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    Repeatable turn-in quests won't give you exp every time, they will for the first time you hand them in though. You may as well pick up the quests available at the tunnel entrance in Alterac mountains too, they all give decent exp and are easy to do.. you can get your frostwolf insignia while you're at it too.

    The bulk of the exp comes from the towers/bunkers though. In the 71-80 bracket you get 18k per enemy tower burned and 12 per tower of yours still up (i think it only counts the two out on the field so ib/tp or sh/iw). You get another big chunk of exp for killing the enemy leader and soe bonus exp for winning the game. So the best method for getting exp is just play AV well, recap and defend your own towers, make sure their towers are capped and defended until they burn then push through to the general.

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