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Thread: Glyph of Blocking/Glyph of Shield Slam ???

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    Glyph of Blocking/Glyph of Shield Slam ???

    Hey - today i desided to take a look at my glyphs, just to make sure i was using the best i could for a protection warior tank.

    I never should have done this - now i am realy confussed

    Can someone plz explain to me the differese betwenn Glyph of Blocking and Glyph of Shield Slam.

    For me they look exactly the same and the interresting part is if they stack - hope some can help whit this.

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    There's no such thing as a glyph of shield slam. look at the spell: Glyph of Shield Slam - Spell - World of Warcraft and go to "used by" and it'll say glyph of blocking. I guess they changed the name of the glyph but not the name of the buff.

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