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Thread: single boss agro

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    single boss agro

    Hello all been a while since my last post ill start with my armory The World of Warcraft Armory now my question or problem resently i have been aquised of poor agro, thou when i heard this i took some offense and denile. After furthur thinking i can think of a fight or 2 this may be true on 25 man ignis when kiting in the 4 corner rotation i have had ignis pulled off of me a few times possibly wipeing us a time or two due to bad scorched earth drops. this never seems to happen to our less geared druid tank. Ive been reading alot and i must say i am at a loss for answers from the forums am i speced wrong for max agro is it because i favor devistate over mortal strike 10 to 1 is it because i have only 5.5% expertise after eating expertise food? this how i like to start a boss fight charge ss tclap shockwave and alot of devistates then using ss and revenge t clap and shockwave when ever there up i throw in a rend here and there and rinse and repeat also i refresh taunts when up and keep up comanding shout. thou i seem to lose agro fast on fights that require kiting i dont think im attacking any less while im kiting and im taunting but the big dpsers have pulled off me alot more then they should. am i glyphed wrong or missing out on something ive tanked along time and allways thought my self a good tank but as the dps is hitting alot harder im struggleing to keep the targets on me

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    We can't really tell much because you haven't linked your armoury. However, I can say with some certainty that your doing some stuff wrong. I'll just list what I would change here:

    - Mortal Strike?!!! UA build is not as good as it once was, you should stick with 15/5/51 since the devastate buff.
    - Expertise is rather low need at least 6% to hit the dodge cap? (just using figures off the top of my head forgive me if I'm wrong)
    - Start the fights with SS + Conc + devastate to 5. Establish early aggro first before applying your additional buffs/debuffs.
    - Refreshing Taunts? You should only be taunting if you lose aggro or fight mechanics call for it.
    - Using vigilence on the right person?

    I'm sure there's more, that other people will pick up. But post up your armoury all the same, it will help dissect the problem.

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    First Regarding your gear.

    You need more expertise. You need a minimum of 6.5%. Expertise is always better then hit until expertise reaches at least 6.5%(soft cap). I would highly recommend more expertise then the soft cap.

    Your hit rating is decent; I would sacrifice Hit for expertise if I had to.

    In regards to your spec:

    Here's what I use Deep Wounds w/ Shield Wall
    The spec is designed to give me the cooldowns I need and Deepwounds. Deepwounds is a huge Threat increase on both single targets and multiple targets. I sacrifice cruelty and some shield spec for the SW cooldown and Deepwounds.

    I left one glyph spot empty, i usually customize the glyph to the encounter. This Glyph spot is also where I place the Glyph of Shieldwall when required for the encounter.

    Looking at your glyphs it is obvious your trying to better your AoE tanking. I find Deepwounds helps prop me up in this area; allowing me to free up some glyph spots. I prefer devastate and Vigilance as my TPS glyphs atm.

    Devastate has been buffed a lot recently; it honestly can replace C. Blow and Shock wave in a single target rotation (if glyphed for it) without much noticeable impact.
    Shield Slam --> revenge --> Devastate ---> devastate
    of course mash shield slam when sword and board procs, if you have trouble seeing the procs get an addon that will announce it (see the ui forum)

    Hope that helps some.

    Be a Champion, not a hero.


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    Ignis can be a tricky encounter threatwise, particularly with a four point kite path as when you are kiting, he can end up out of range of your melee attacks. Furthermore, he has a nasty propensity to run off to seize some hapless clothie in order to toss them in his pot - during this move, dps doesn't stop, while threat generation does.

    Previous posters have raised some valid points, particularly in regards to your current spec, but I'd add a few things.

    1. If a fight is threat-sensitive for you, think about why and what you can do to mitigate that as best you can. For the ignis fight, try a three point kite path. Two fire patches near one of the pools and one farther in - less kiting=more threat.

    2. If a fight is tricky threatwise for you, make sure your hunters and rogues are toting/misdirecting as they can and make sure people are using threat reduction abilities when they are available.

    3. As a previous poster stated, get yourself a glyph of vigilance - its your friend. Glyph of devastate>glyph of sunder

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