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Thread: Gathering Threat on a Group

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    Gathering Threat on a Group

    I am new to tanking from being a mage. lol

    I ran some heroics today and did very good on single threat and decent on small group threat but piss poor on groups of 4. Granted I was in a fail group but I feel like I could have been doing better. What rotation should I be using to gain threat on a group?

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    For AoE pulls I usually use Thunder Clap and Shockwave when ever they are off cooldown. When they are on cooldown I spam cleave while tabbing through the targets using the target threat abilities. Shield Block can also help alot because of Damage shield.

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    Charge (a caster) -> Thunderclap -> take two steps back so you can hit all the mobs with... -> Shockwave -> Shield Block -> Shield Slam the charge target -> Thunderclap.

    This will establish a good aggro on the majority of the mobs. And decent Threat on the charge target. Now the fun part.

    Rotate through targets like mad and devastate / Shield Slam / revenge when TC is on cooldown. Spam cleave as rage allows. The key is changing targets quickly and often.
    (I highly recommend having enemy name plates enabled [default "v"] it makes selecting specific mobs much easier... even better? get aloft!)

    I find this much easier with Cleave bound to my mouse.

    Hope that helps.

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    Here's how I do it:

    Group of 3 is same as 4+ so...

    - Start running in spamming heroic throw on X (second target)
    - Once the throw goes off, immediately charge skull (or an in the back mob) and SS
    - Tclap
    - switch to third target, revenge (should be procced cause my shield block is bound to my SS hotkey)
    - Back away from party if i have room, Shockwave ; if not, shockwave the not-skull targets

    Now just as others have said, tab target and just spam dev and revenge. I usually try to reserve SS for the current main target. Conc blow is also a very nice, high-threat ability. I use it on a non skull usually or maybe a guy I just had to taunt off someone else.

    I do need to add some cleaves in. Can't believe I've forgotten about that skill! I'm going to swap that out with dev spam when I'm tab targeting.

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    A few things - if you heroic throw a caster, it'll silence them and ensure that they run towards you instead of standing at range and zapping away with spells.

    If you're running alot of heroics (which you should be doing as a new tank), you should definitely think about investing in a glyph of cleave.

    Also, if you're using a deep wounds spec, think about picking up some crit buff food - more crit means more ticking bleed effects on critters you hit with your thunderclaps, cleaves, etc.

    Link your armory?

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