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Thread: PVP Start up

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    PVP Start up

    So PvP needs 700 avoidance right?

    I have a prot and ret build on my paladin.

    I see the warrior prot pvp guide in this forum is there something for prot paladins?

    I am going to start working on gear right now I am all PvE.

    I would like to own some people from time to time so I am sure the gear needs work and I just don't really know where to start.


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    Amazing survivability
    Instant ranged silence
    Better sustained DPS then Ret (but less burst)
    Short cool down stun

    Easily kited, (BoF and AS are your best friends)
    Difficult to solo burst enemies down


    Str is king when it comes to PvP stats. All of our abilities are a Prot Paladin scale really well with Str plus with the upcoming changes due in 3.2.2 Str will become even stronger. Theck has done some great work over on Maintankadin in this thread:


    I strongly recommend reading as much of the thread as the brain will allow.

    The basic breakdown of stats goes like this

    Until SBV 2500
    Strength > Block > Hit > Exp > AP > Crit

    Between SVB 2500 and 2900
    Strength > Hit > BV > Exp > AP > Crit

    SBV > 2900
    Hit > Strength > Exp > AP > Crit > BV

    All of this has a massive caveat in PvP, if you mess a Avenger Shield in the middle of a CC chain you may have just lost the game. For this reason Hit takes some priority in my gearing.

    Gear specifics
    I am not going to cover everything here but just a few basic pointers. Strength/Stam heavy prot gear is ideal, for secondary stats you want BV and Hit, ingnor everthing else. Though it is a good idea to have a reasonable amount of defense to ensure AD’s GS effect procs. If you cant find any desireable prot pieces then go for PvP pices as your second choice, you should be sitting around 400+ resilience.

    For your Libram you want the new Triumph badge Libram, the strength on proc not the dodge one. Failing that LoO is still the best choice (be add this BV to your character sheet BV when making gear choices.)

    For your second trinket choice (first being some form of CC breaker) the three best choices in my order of preference are DMC:G, DMCeath then any of the AP 1000 on proc trinkets. Battle masters are also a great choice.

    Must haves:
    Avenger Shield Glyph of Avenger's Shield - Item - World of Warcraft (It is our key burst ability and it also helps to punish healers when you are silencing them.)

    AS is the only real must have, the choice for your second major is a close call between these:
    Hammer of Justice http://www.wowhead.com/?item=41095 (great for allow easy CC and target change, 5 yards is a suprising help)
    Hand of Salvation http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45747 (perfect if you can draw enough attention to get focused)
    Turn Evil http://www.wowhead.com/?item=41102 (If you find you are coming up against Gargoyles)

    Also good but not as good as the list above:
    Consecrate http://www.wowhead.com/?item=41099 (Any good player will move out of it but this makes it more mana effectient)
    Judgment http://www.wowhead.com/?item=41092 (Judgments’ aren’t a huge source of our damage so this isn’t an amazing choice)


    You want to work on a FCFS rotation here:
    SoR > HoW > HotR > Judgment > Consecrate

    Where possible try and keep SoR and HotR separated in your rotation, however they are a great combo to deal some burst damage. Avenger Shield should not be part of your rotation, it should be used for control and burst.


    You spec should be some variant of this:

    Nearly all of the deep prot skills are vital so I would mess around down there to much, some of the other points are flexible. Personally I wouldn’t spec out of PoJ, it is to easy for us to be kited.


    Prot/DPS is all about keeping the pressure on, you want to go into a situation fast and hard, don’t give opportunities a chance to setup strategies’ or control you. Once you are on your target stick to them like glue until a chance to change target presents itself. Take advantage of the short cooldown on the stun. With a AS into HoJ into Arcane Torrent combo you can apply a lot of pressure to a healer, you are not likely to kill them but you will often force a trinket. Try to get the AS straight after a SoR so it will be off cooldown again in the combo.
    You are not likely to bring targets down by yourself in arenas but you can apply a lot of pressure. keep BoF on cooldown, make sure you are watching for cleanses and HoFs on your team mates and don’t be afraid use Define Sacrifice outside of a bubble.
    Your healing through put is terrible so don’t rely on it. Saying that thou mana shouldn’t be a problem unless a team is controlling you really well so don’t be afraid to throw some heals if you have nothing else to do with the GCD.

    That’s is for now, ask any questions you have, I can do some class based write-ups if need be.

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    Nice post Irat

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