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Thread: "Taking too much damage"

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    "Taking too much damage"

    So I dinged 80, oh, a week ago? gearscore 2247 ( The World of Warcraft Armory )
    32191 hp
    24208 (61.38%) armor
    552 Defense
    24.68% dodge (more with rune strike)
    and 17.98% parry.

    My good friend Karilyn told me Stack dodge. Dodge dodge dodge and stam. But I've also been told to stack Parry. All in all I've got decent stats, (need to lower my hit rate and regem that one or two green hiding in there [couldn't find the blue])
    But that aside, what is wrong? How can I take less damage?

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    DK tanking relies more on cooldowns than anything else.
    Stacking parry may be a bad idea as your strength already supply you a lot of that, and as such it's always going to feel the diminishing returns more than a Jawa girl feels the force push. Your avoidance will come from parry, yes, but a little more than other tanks you'll prefer dodge and defense over it.

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    DK's take a lot of dmg right now, so much so that even pally tanks are calling for DK's to be unnerfed on the bliz tanking forums. I love Frost's easy AoE, but switched to a blood spec that maximizes melee threat and self-heals for that reason. I'm roughly your gear level, and that spec works a little better in H ToC at least, as long as I'm able to keep aggro on me.

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    Why do you keep skipping over Imp Frost Presence? It's an additional 2% damage reduction.

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    Because its in a completely different tree than all of the blood talents and to have a blood build you cant get that deep into frost.
    To be honest i would gem for pure stamina at this point in the game. Yes you become a mana sponge but at least you are still alive. The thing about dk tanking is you have to manage your cd's or you will not survive long or your healer will go oom. Thats just the way dks are right now. I personally love having to watch my cds and have a really good rotation. So if i were you i would stack stamina in every slot except for your shoulders and ring and put a dodge/stam gem in them.
    But to answer your question of how to take less damage, you cant really. All you can do is manage your cds and try to stay alive by having the biggest health pool possible.

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