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Thread: Hitting 80 soon, how to spec?

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    Hitting 80 soon, how to spec?

    Heya all,

    First post here, and probably an incredibly stupid one. I tried googling and whatever, but I never found a good 3.2 tank spec from a trustworthy source (Tankspot, EJ, etc).
    I know the usual deals, 540 defense, at least 23k health, to start heroics and go from there. But specwise I am left blind.
    Does anyone have a good blood spec, and the pros and cons compared to Unholy and Frost? (I know the 5/5/5 basis, but as for the rest, no idea)

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    As far as a good blood spec, I can take a shot at whipping one up, but I personally hated blood tanking. Everyone touts the effective health boost it gets over the other two trees, but let's face it. Squishy is squishy. That said, I'll move on to a little pro/con session.

    Blood -
    Pros: Huge effective health, best single target threat.
    Cons: Lack of AoE threat means cycling through the mobs more to make sure you're not losing aggro.

    Frost -
    Pros: Gigantic threat lead from the gate, AoE style. Better mitigation imo than the other trees. Pretty darn decent single target threat.
    Cons: Positioning is key in gimic fights where the adds need to get burned at certain times (Grand Widow Faerlina comes to mind). Also, kinda difficult for the OT to maintain aggro while debuffs fade unless you completely stop what you're doing.

    Unholy -
    Pros: Unmatched magic mitigation, decent AoE threat.
    Cons: Single target threat can be an issue. Other than that, I don't know for sure.

    Yes, you definitely want to aim for 540+ Defense, and about 19-20k HP provided your healer isn't lazy or spoiled by top geared tanks. Ciderhelm posted a fantastic guide for easy 540 defense pre-Naxx, and ToC drops some pretty shiny tank gear too.

    As promised, I'll do up a few specs. One for each tree, so you have some things to play around with.

    Blood: (Might be a bit off, due to my frost preference.)
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Frost: (This is set up for a single disease rotation, which makes things easy to manage)
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Unholy: (In all honesty, this might fully suck lol)
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
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