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Thread: Prot Pally Mitigation vs Avoidance vs Health?, I dunno what to do

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    Prot Pally Mitigation vs Avoidance vs Health?, I dunno what to do

    I have read a lot of different guides and peoples opinions on what is best I now have no idea what to do.

    I firstly focused on reaching the block cap 102.4%, then I worked on reaching the expertise and hit cap.

    However I see a lot of tanks seem to stack mainly stamina and I have also noticed that a lot of people are saying unless you are having problems with threat it isn't really worth reaching the expertise and hit cap either. A lot of guides now seem to be saying that armor and stamina are the way to go and that the mitigation gained from reaching the block cap isn't worth it, especially when considering the dots from Gormok the Impaler and fights like that where block and avoidance are not of any use and health is more effective.

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    Above is my current gear and stats and I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some advice on whether I am gearing, gemming and enchanting right or whether I would be better off dropping the block and getting more avoidance gear, stamina and armor instead.

    Any advice of tips would be appreciated.

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    It mainly depends on what you're tanking - in Naxxramas, block was very good as many of the bosses hit fast and light and you could shave off a lot of the incoming damage by being block-capped.

    With the release of Ulduar, however, all that went out the window. The bosses there hit slow and huge and blocking 2k of a 25k melee swing just didn't seem that great any more - the shift was to EH and avoidance with a heavy focus on EH.

    That hasn't really changed for TotC/TotGC - the bosses still hit hard and heavy. In addition, it's littered with gimmicks such as Anub'arak's freeze which stops your avoidance or block from being possible - it effectively forces you to stack Stamina and Armor because your other stats become meaningless.

    As for Hit and Expertise, there's been some discussion here and on Maintankadin about the avoidance values of Expertise for Paladins (short version: it's almost as good as straight avoidance) but I'd still let it come from gear, as I would with Hit. You have two taunts, plus you can use the Glyph if you're really worried and if threat is your goal then you have better options available even beneath the cap.

    So yeah, look for pieces with the most EH potential (typically items with bonus armor, most sockets, that kind of thing) and ideally they'll have Dodge or Parry on as well. There are a few nice pieces with Block Value and no Block Rating but they're probably best for a threat set than your MT set (your mileage may vary depending on drops, what you're raiding, etc).

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    Thanks for the help that definitely answers my question about what to do considering I am focusing on ulduar and toc now.

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