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Thread: Answer to many Questions

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    Answer to many Questions

    There is a question I see cropping up more and more and more. Tanks saying that they are getting owned by not Insane fights and wondering why. Tanks who say they are getting pwned in heroics and Naxx when they are in Ulduar gear and beyond. Why do healers ask if your D caped or in frost presence of defensive stance or whatever their gripe of the day is. Rejoice, for most of you I know the answer.

    wait for it

    The healer is Lazy. I say lazy because i dont want to offend anyone by saying bad. I will give an example.

    Today I ran TOC heroic on My warrior. My warrior Is in mostly Naxx 25 gear, can main tank naxx 25, Ulduar and toc 10 man with no problems whatsoever. So when I die repeatedly in a heroic I look around and ask why.
    Today the answer was easy to find, checked the combat logs and noticed few and weak heals. I then checked recount. I started to laugh, My prot warrior was down in recount for 20% of total healing. That's right 20% of the healing came from last stand/enraged regeneration etc.
    After I noticed this the healer started to throw the usual lines, "hey dude your dropping fast are you dcaped??"
    In response I linked healing meters and asked him why his healing was so poor. He replied with insults and excuses. I left the group.
    Im not saying this to toot my own horn, Im saying this to encourage all you tanks out there who have been told you suck by crappy lazy healers.
    When a new tank cant get into a heroic because he doesn't have 30k health, that pisses me off. Same goes for people who will kick you from a regular run or a heroic because your only doing 2.5k dps.
    If people wont give you the time to learn or gear up, you will never get better. On the same note if your healer says that you drop to fast yet you have run the same thing and harder many times with no problems whatsoever. its not you its them, stand up for your self and tell them to stop being lazy and heal. Nine times out of ten they will have no problems healing you after that.

    i end by paying respect to all the healers who work hard to heal and help tanks who are under geared and learning. And to healers who work hard and know their stuff.
    Also props to tanks who take green under their wings and teach people how to tank better. Its a hard job but when you hear about a tank you trained doing a good job, all worth it.

    Thank you for your time hope this helps
    happy tanking
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    Preach on, Gramaton. Those situations happen all the time. I mean, Lazy or just plain lousy healers, as well as people who want to be carried. I see people all the time "LF 2 DPS, 3k+" for heroics. I do about 2k in my DPS set, and that's only on a great day in 5mans, or 10man raid buffed closer to 3k. Thus I stick to guild runs. Much more simple to deal with, and 100% less people grumbling. lol
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